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It's time. #stompyiscoming .  I know some of you know that I'm building (in my spare time) a ridiculously fantastic robot hexapod called Stompy.  The part that I've been secretly holding out on is that I have progress to show and there's finally a way you can help.  Reshare this post to help spread the word, and then check out our kickstarter!

If this is the first you've heard of Stompy, here's the skinny.  We at Artisan's Asylum have been developing an 18-foot wide, 4,000 pound, 135-horsepower hydraulic 6-legged robot... that seats two.  And we're doing it for fun (on our own dime, up until now).  Not only that, but we're doing it with two orders of magnitude less manpower and two orders of magnitude less money than similar scale robots.  If you can think of anything comparably awesome please link me to it, I'll happily donate to that cause.

Incidentally, donating at any level guarantees your name will be on the safe list for the robopocalypse.  Pascal's wager and all.
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Are you shipping rewards internationally? Cause usually projects ask us to add a few bucks ($5 - $15, depending on size) for international shipping.
That sounds reasonable.  I've passed the question along to Gui, he should update the kickstarter with a policy.  But don't worry about it, I'll make sure you're taken care of.
(when in doubt, reshare the awsome!  the publicity, we needs it!)
Oh my god!  I know that talking-bear-mascot!

How does the $20 safety bracelet work?  Is the robot going to be able to read, or should I be expecting an RFID chip?  
You guys are doing not so shabby for 28 days to go :)
Good luck! 
And ppls, make sure you hit the +1 button so this post gets farther in the public stream!
The bracelet is more or less a deadman switch, when squished, stomped or severed it will emit an EMP blast.  The wording is mostly for show.
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