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So I have more or less stopped coming to G+ because of the amount of useless garbage they insist on showing me (so, basically the same reason I stopped watching TV), but I've come back to report how great of an experience it is to email money via #gmail  and #googlewallet .  I mean, it's really great.

I just sent $500 to an individual, the CC fees came out from my end (and wouldn't have existed at all if my @$#%@ bank would get the farking lead out) it was quick and the whole thing really did feel like adding an email attachment.  Well done!

My only worry is that this perfectly great service is going to get the ax in about two years simply because people don't send money to each other often enough.

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Zounds!  So coooool!

I'm thinking its about time to switch social networks.  Do you have any suggestions for which?  I'm sick of G+'s crap and I won't deal with Facebook on principle, is there a third option?

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I just noticed something odd, I frequently mistype angle brackets, but I have no trouble correctly punctuating sentences.  Something in my head hasn't quite realized those two activities use the same keys...

Dear #googleplus , a giant purple box just popped up demanding my contact information and there doesn't seem to be a "fuck off" button I can click.  I consider this omission to be a pretty big bug in your design.

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Counter-trolling presented without comment.

(warning: some minor "shocking" medical imagery of kidney beans and rats with cancer)

(the silly part starts around post 65)

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I don't think I even know 50 programming languages...

And as if that long of a quine isn't enough the source has a snake eating its own tail and a star of David as the whitespace!
A quine across 50 programming langauges. How is that even possible? Is there some trick or is the creator some sort of insane genius?
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