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White and Green Tea – Miracle Teas
Protect you heart and brain while
preventing cancer Edited by Russell L. Blaylock,
MD, and lightly abridged by Roger French Tea isn’t jus...

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How to Improve Memory:14 Tips
Memory is our ability to process information; we encode, store and retrieve information by memory. Many of us would love to be able to im...

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By: Roger French Q. Our son has a form of focal
epilepsy with partial and absent seizures. We have had no success using drugs
and wish to...

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Smokers Cough Treatment
By: Christopher Jacoby Coughing is a reflex to clear partially
obstructed airways and throat. Although repeated coughing is annoying, it ...

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Crackling While Exhaling
By: Gary Wickman Crackling when you exhale can be an
alarming and unsettling experience – especially as it can be described as a
'death r...

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Is Tuberculosis Contagious?
By: Laurel Avery Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious
disease that primarily affects the lungs, and the number of cases of TB is on
the ris...

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