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So, without warning Google has disabled the "hangout" feature in google plus with a note "unable to sign in :(

Eventually I decode the help page and figure out how to turn it on, but my standing call with a client is now basically over and I've missed it.

Me =  pretty pissed off.

This is not the first time something has suddenly stopped working with an apps account on google and the experience is REALLY SHITTY. Stuff like this makes it really hard to imagine recommending Google Apps to a local government or business. At least, not if they want to depend on the service.

So there is this great thread that I saw in google+ that I want to save, or archive or something as I want to come back and follow the advice later. But alas as far as I can tell you can't link, email or do pretty much anything with someone's g+ post to store it or save it. This is reminding me why I virtually never use g+. 

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Has anyone managed to get the Chromebook Pixel with LTE to work with a carrier other than Verizon? In Canada the networks here operate on the same frequencies that AT&T uses both for HSPA and LTE. Verizon uses a different frequency for LTE, but the Chromebook should fall back to HSPA if there's no LTE signal, shouldn't it? The Chromebook that was given away at Google I/O in 2011 could be SIM unlocked by typing a command in the console, but that doesn't seem to work on the Chromebook Pixel.

Has anyone gotten theirs to work on AT&T or another carrier?

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Open data and Personal Data quotes +David Eaves via Ann Cavoukian #goopendata 

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Some thoughts about getting governments to share open source code and work on projects together. #gov20   #opensource   #cities  

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Qualicum Beach provides ReCollect system to remind you when to put your garbage out.  Handy, well done!  They also have started free and open wireless in some locations.  Well done!

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Really proud of the Recollect team on this.

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This piece was mine in the Vancouver Sun after they asked me to answer the question: Is the Internet Bringing Us Together or Tearing Us Apart

+Google promised to have a google+ account merging tool that would be ready "in a few weeks" almost 8 months. Now my reward for being a early Google+ adopter is that I have two accounts with my friends spread out all over them. It's a mess and is probably the biggest reasons why I don't use Google+ with an seriousness. Anyone know if google ever intends to do anything about this?

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Been really pleased with the response to this blog post:
The End of the World: The State vs. the Internet
It's a summary of a session I did at FooCamp - definitely love comments.
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