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Entity disambiguation and #relationship building
- why clear content and your subject's purposeful #intent matter

via +Zara Altair
RankBrain, Socrates, Natural Language Processing and Your Words
+Gennaro Cuofano with a vibrant explanation of why the relationship between and among words matter in your writing.
In addition, an introduction to how +WordLift works.
Read this if you write for the web.

Launch of #HLSM: #BCU Placing High-Calibre Graduates into local SMEs

On Wednesday, a collaboration of Birmingham Universities will officially launch a new initiative for #SmallBiz in the region.

All across the UK, smaller businesses are struggling to keep pace with innovations in tech and manufacture. Before they get to grips with one iteration of a software platform, the next version is out and the big boys are using it.

As such, many SMEs are hanging onto the coattails of bigger businesses who, by snapping up the best graduate talent as soon as it graduates, are widening the boundaries between established corporates and startups.

This scenario is adding to the bigger skills gap that's blighting local and national competition.

+Birmingham City University, +Aston University and +Newman University - Birmingham are looking to plug that gap in the Greater Birmingham and Solihull region.

The Higher Level Skills Match offers SMEs access to high-calibre graduates to help their businesses find innovative solutions in their drive to grow their own business and further raise the profile of the UK's second city.

The #HLSM Launch takes place at +iCentrum on Wednesday evening (11th October) at 17:30 to give #Birmingham SMEs the opportunity to get in on the initiative early doors.

If you have ideas to grow and innovate but don't have the means to incorporate your aspirations within your current make up, this could be your springboard you're looking for.

Here's a more complete overview on +LinkedIn, with links to register for the launch at iCentrum (max capacity 100) on Wednesday evening:

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Know a #Data Scientist?
- put them to the test with these 30 questions on #DeepLearning

(yes, the answers are here, too ☺)

h/t +7w Data
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Getting some funk on while I work this afternoon.

#ReubenWilson's "Inner City Blues" - slow, smooth jazz, with a bluesy undertone and plenty of #Hammond
…wicked Bad Stuff, indeed. #KTF

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Vapour trails slice the sunset cloud upon leaving college last Thursday (20:45-ish), providing a fitting farewell to this year's studious efforts…
#Sunset #WestBromwich

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Catalunya Clouds

The last fortnight, we've been in Santa Susanna, Barcelona.

Rather than multi-post, some of the best cloud pics are in this album (these are from my Android phone - tons more on my Canon).

The task of snapping clouds was made more arduous as we didn't see a single cloud, day or night, on 5 of the last 7 days.

Our vacation ended just before the forecast 44 degrees hit. 37 degrees was the highest we saw (10 am on the Thursday before we flew home!).

Once I've downloaded the other pics from my Canon SD card, I'll add them to this library. 'Til then, enjoy:
#CloudWars #SantaSusanna #Android
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Water-blue sunset

No Terry or Julie. No Ray Davies. No Waterloo Station. But, hey - this is Tipton.

Just one of about 50 pictures I took of last night's incredible sunset at the bus stop and more still in West Bromwich.

Working on a little album to share with this. Breathtaking.



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You're the Devil in de Skies

#CloudWars #Revelations

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Some days, you've just got to get on your Lammy, open her up and let the wind blow through your hair… 0_o
h/t +Mika Douglas

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If it doesn't deliver leads, your #social strategy is FUBAR
- but why is conversion so hard?

Great article here by +Adam Houlahan, with an in depth delve into social media #strategy for the small business.

We should be on the ball with our efforts. But sometimes, yeah: business and paying the bills comes first.

The key to success? Work #SMART and hard, with emphasis on the former.
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