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Angry Bird
Animated Photo

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A stitch in time -
clever Google: stitched two shots of tonight's sunset together to make an impromptu panorama.

#ToInfinityAndBeyond #CloudWars #CleverGoogle

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Ooh, almost there: how was it for you, dear?

2016's nearly done.

Will you be looking back in anger?

Or was this year an oasis in the desert, a progression that slaked that thirst driving the growth of your freelancing career?

Moreover, will this year allow you to blaze a trail in 2017?

Based on your own honest appraisal and constructive criticism(s):
• be objective,
• learn lessons,
• note your successes,
• identify what you can improve,
• set (realistic) goals, short-, mid- and long-term.

The window for us all to make the biggest impression we can is tiny, given the competition.

We owe it to ourselves to keep that window clean so that we can spot opportunities through it.

It's also imperative that we're ready ourselves to jump through that aperture when opportunities pop into view.

They're fleeting little buggers, opportunities, and if we're not ready, they'll pass us by in a heart beat to find the next freelancer who is prepared.

Don't let chances pass you by. Make 2017 your year!

+Daniel Futerman has some great advice coming up over the next few weeks, beginning right now » 

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GIF editor - Panic Over - Phew!

Making a GIF for a Christmas marketing drive, went to upload to Hootsuite and got:
"Error: max image size 5MB"

The air was blue!

Had I really got to extract each image and resize them, all 17 layers?

There's probably a quick way to do it in +GIMP, the software in which I created the GIF, but for a novice like me, GIMP is a touch on the complicated side.

I could have resized all the layers with the RIOT plug-in in #Irfanview, but that's like a mammoth task.

All that considered, I ran a quick Google search for "how to shrink GIF file size" (mostly auto-suggested based on my original term; more on that later) and wallop!

There we go - had the answer. Upload the GIF in its entirety, choose how you want to resample your base file and job done.

Also did a bit of post-upload editing, resetting the delay between frames, too. Awesome tool for editing #GIFs that really has saved my bacon. #JobDone - thank you ☺

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No organic answers (or Ads) to satisfy your query on Page 1 of SERPs?
- Page 2 Ads value

Second time I've seen this result this week: no ads at the top of Page 1 of a set of SERPs, but a deluge on Page.

I can't remember what the first query was. But as I was applying the #SemanticXray to a 2013 article, I wanted to bring in extra contextual evidence to support the updated content.

Now, I know I've been away from the scene for a while - too, too long, I guess.

But Google defaulting to showing Ads on Page 2 when they know you've not found what you want on Page 1?

That's a new one on me.

Is Almighty G giving greater priority to organic for less trodden pathways on the web?

Or is the new default to only showing Ads on Page 2 something they're testing/implementing?

Maybe it's a way to promote #organic search over and above Ads when there are no #Ads that directly match your query?

My wife's scowling at me, so I'm off to turn off the gazillion lights we have in our living room/grotto. Look forward to any input while I'm having a bit of down time…
…hey! Easy, Tiger With my knees, I'll never get up again if I go down that far ;)

Sweet dreams x


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You know when you're looking back through your photos from a night out…
- and you notice that you've inadvertently had a "near Death" experience?

#spooked @ The Black Country "Living" Museum

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Black Country living museum's Xmas fayre.

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For how long can nature go on supporting mankind…
- …before the burgeoning burden he bestows upon her begins irreversible meltdown?

The law governing the conservation of energy suggests:
"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed;
"rather, it transforms from one form to another.

"For instance, chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite."

Consider the whole picture, the Earth and its peoples, and put it into that context, if you will.

We take from nature, its meat, its fruit, its vegetables. Anything organic, with or without nutritional value, we eat.

Not just to satisfy hunger. We consume in huge, often unimaginable volumes.

Greed, comfort eating, just because we can - they're not valid reasons for shoveling down excessive carbs, fat and protein that our bodies can do nothing with other than store, in such large volumes.

All of this goodness we are taking from the very soil beneath our feet, the crops from the fields, the low hanging fruit from the trees…
…and storing it as fat around our waists.

We need to move it, move it
As tech makes our lives easier - from a physical, dynamic perspective - it serves to sustain and grow the millions of obese people that our race now supports.

And why should we care? Because obese people, they're hogging that energy.

Fat people: they take, they eat, they store, depriving the Earth of the energy it needs to remain balanced, stable.

The Earth, Mother Nature, needs the fat, fat fatties to start shaking their pudgy butts and converting the millions and millions of tons of latent energy onto which they're selfishly holding.

I know. Some people cannot help their weight.

Conditions that require steroids to give their sufferers respite or insulin that regulates sugar levels in Type 1 Diabetics have the knock-on effect of adding weight, at least until we find another way to treat those conditions.

But those sufferers account for only a tiny element of the masses of obese people wobbling on the surface of our planet.

Are the ice caps really melting?

Or is the land sinking beneath the new, uneven distribution of its weight as anything with a nutritional value (or not) is dug up, farmed or picked, then transported and finally left to settle in a gastric system far, far away?


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But you're a mod. You can't like Iron Maiden!

- Really? Tell it to Eddie ;)

Anyone use +Musicbee? It's an amazin' free music organiser.

Add an external plug-in and you also convert heavy files (like wav) to mp3 to save disc space, too.

But what I really like is the "Now Playing" tab. As well as displaying the lyrics of the title you're playing, the software 'app' also rotates images of the artist.

In the case of +Iron Maiden, tonight MusicBee presented me with a few of Eddie's incarnations over the years (attached).

My favourite (not here) will always be the cover to 7" of Run to the Hills: Eddie fighting the devil, spurred on by a host of supernatural creatures.

You just have to appreciate good rock music when you hear it, irrespective of your allegiances.

Run to the Hills - even if you're on a Lambretta

When I was 11 years old, I walked into Woolworths in Bilston - fully clad in a parka declaring my love of all things mod - and bought Run to the Hills.

The 7" single set me back about £1.09/£1.29, something like that.

Glad I wasn't so blind as to pigeonhole myself later in life. While I'll always be a mod at heart, there's too much Maiden, Sabbath, Mötorhead, Zeppelin, Cream, Nirvana and Hendrix in my collection to ever make mod '[The] Way of Life' it was back in the late 70s/early 80s.

Loved it then, love it now…
…whether Eddie's watching or not.
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