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Entity disambiguation and #relationship building
- why clear content and your subject's purposeful #intent matter

via +Zara Altair
RankBrain, Socrates, Natural Language Processing and Your Words
+Gennaro Cuofano with a vibrant explanation of why the relationship between and among words matter in your writing.
In addition, an introduction to how +WordLift works.
Read this if you write for the web.

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Catalunya Clouds

The last fortnight, we've been in Santa Susanna, Barcelona.

Rather than multi-post, some of the best cloud pics are in this album (these are from my Android phone - tons more on my Canon).

The task of snapping clouds was made more arduous as we didn't see a single cloud, day or night, on 5 of the last 7 days.

Our vacation ended just before the forecast 44 degrees hit. 37 degrees was the highest we saw (10 am on the Thursday before we flew home!).

Once I've downloaded the other pics from my Canon SD card, I'll add them to this library. 'Til then, enjoy:
#CloudWars #SantaSusanna #Android
7 Photos - View album

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Water-blue sunset

No Terry or Julie. No Ray Davies. No Waterloo Station. But, hey - this is Tipton.

Just one of about 50 pictures I took of last night's incredible sunset at the bus stop and more still in West Bromwich.

Working on a little album to share with this. Breathtaking.



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You're the Devil in de Skies

#CloudWars #Revelations

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Some days, you've just got to get on your Lammy, open her up and let the wind blow through your hair… 0_o
h/t +Mika Douglas

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If it doesn't deliver leads, your #social strategy is FUBAR
- but why is conversion so hard?

Great article here by +Adam Houlahan, with an in depth delve into social media #strategy for the small business.

We should be on the ball with our efforts. But sometimes, yeah: business and paying the bills comes first.

The key to success? Work #SMART and hard, with emphasis on the former.

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How to add people on Google+ to Circles in 5 quick steps
- (other than the default "Following" Circle)

Last week, +Peter Strempel hosted a vibrant conversation about Google+ Strategy:

The conversation discussed many elements of using G+ - some present, others embedded in the UI - not least the use of Circles.

Way back when, Circles were the backbone of the Google+ experience.

Since getting back on G+ with earnest, it's struck me (and many other stalwarts with whom I've rekindled the conversation) that Circles are so inconspicuous that new users may not even know of their existence.

Yes, really!

Confirmation of how effectual G+ was at promoting circles came when Topics were launched last week, which we discussed right here in the community with +CircleCount:

There are many other features that pioneering Google+ers rue the disappearance of. Being able to add circle streams to G+ navigation is one of those for me.

This post isn't about that slew of lost features (visit Peter's post, linked above, for the full detail).

No, this post's intent is to show people how/that they can add people to circles in five easy steps.

It's explained in a 5-shot gif, which I made in +GIMP (+Google Photos doesn't give you the option to loop your animation just once).

It shows how I added a G+er to a circle right from the notification pop-up (Mr Jingles) whence I was commenting on that very post.

So, yeah; the GIF goes around once, so just hit play ► again to replay it (nb - ► probably opens in a new window, depending on how you're viewing this post).

Here's what "Google+ Hover Follow numbered GIF" represents in five steps if you can't get the GIF to play:

1. Hover over a commentator's name and hit Follow…
…if you already follow the person or are on their profile page, go straight to 2.)
2. Hit the 'Following' text-cum-button;
3. The Circles pop-up will, mm, pop up, showing your existing Circles;
4. Choose the circle(s) into which you want to place the G+er…
…untick/uncheck 'Following' if you want to remove them from the default circle;
5. You're done, and can see the number of circles you have them instantly.


Once you've started putting people into relevant circles, you can customise the way you view G+.

Topics, Collections and Communities are great for following specific topics and industries.

But Google+ is so much more than industry-focused marketing. Personally, I got closer to people by following them in their entirety rather than a topic in which they're interested back in the day.

This is social media, don't forget. Google+ has a heart. Circles represent its vital organs. They're not dead yet, if we can just inject a bit of blood into them…

Animated Photo

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Douglas Adams (up)set the President precedent?

"It is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it…
"…anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no count be allowed to do the job" ~ #DouglasAdams

#Quote #HitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy #ipsofacto

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If you ever wanted confirmation of topicality's importance to your organic search efforts…
- …then look no further

G+ announces Topics - +CircleCount adds the new feature to its dashboard

Back on +Yifat Cohen's share of this content, I echoed what many have alluded since me getting back on here:
Circles feature less and less as a usability feature of Google+.

Moreover, I'd contend that those newer to the platform know little of Circles' existence at all, let alone how to use them.

To me, Google+'s release of Topics, to go along with Collections and Communities, only confirms Circles' demise.

On another note, we've known that topicality - at page and site level - is an evermore important key to ranking for specific search terms.

Looks like G+ is the new playground to test out more of features we'll eventually see in search, then.
162 Google+ Topics

A few hours ago Google+ launched Topics and we have created some scripts to collect all topics we can find.

Here is the result:
On this page you can find always all topics our crawler has found with a link to the topic page on Google+.

It would be interesting to know how these topics have been selected by Google+, e.g there is a topic for "Cats" and one for "Cats and Dogs" but no topic for "Dogs"? ;)

What's your favorite topic?

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You need to prove #SocialMedia ROI - htf do you do that?

Great find from +Sarah Parker - The top 10 social media #metrics to help prove client #ROI from +Social Media Today.

Okay - the article's goal - its CTA, its purpose - is to get you to sign up to a webinar. Beyond that, it's informative enough. Perhaps a little too informative to necessitate the webinar. Hey ho.

But what is important - strikingly so - is the caveat before SMT get into the rhetoric:

"One final note before we dive in. While all of these metrics are interesting, they may not all be important for you.

"First, you need to figure out why you’re using social media, and what you’re hoping to get back.

"Your goals might include:
• Driving traffic to your website
• Generating buzz about your brand
• Increasing your network of followers and advocates
• Finding leads and making sales

"You may have other goals entirely.

"It’s key to figure this out for your brand, so you’re able to assess whether your social media marketing efforts are delivering in alignment with your strategic goals."

Over to you
What part does strategy play in your social media campaign?

Where does that campaign fit in line with your business goals (growth, brand awareness, promotion, direct sales)?

One thing's clear: you can't do social media just for the sake of fulfilling an industry expectation. You must make social about you and, perhaps more importantly, your customers.

Before you even begin posting, you must decide on the message you want to convey on social and the tone you're going to use.

One size does not fit all. You can't post the same social snippet to all media platforms. The content introduction you share to +LinkedIn will differ entirely from your +Pinterest or +Instagram post.

All audiences may find relevance in your content. Your USP may appeal to users from the social sphere. But how you get them to that content will differ from platform to platform.

Play to your strengths. Be natural. Add value. Enjoy »
The 10 Most Important Social Media Metrics to Monitor #smm
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