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This reminds me of a similar snafu that occurred when I was taking over shift as petrol station attendant from a night shifter. Though far far less significant.

The night shifter apparently knocked the silent police alarm as he was counting money, and I was outside counting trailers.

Suddenly I saw several police cars pull up to the petrol station with their lights on, but no audible alarms.

I thought that was strange, and walked in to find out what was going on? I was looking at the seargent with a wry smile on my face, and he was not happy. He didn't look like he was in a talkative mood.

I was relatively a much younger fellow then so didn't quite comprehend the gravity of the situation.

Only after they left did the more experienced night shifter tell me that he must have accidentally knocked the silent alarm.

Anyway, this is what SNAFU's are made of. Human error.

HAWAII was relatively lucky this time.

h/t +David Archer

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After the sun and moon.
Did you know that the International Space Station is the third brightest object in the night sky? It’s easy to spot too! Find out when and where to look up:

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Collective narcissists are not simply content to be members of a valuable group. They don’t devote their energy to contributing to the group’s betterment and value. Rather, they engage in monitoring whether everybody around, particularly other groups, recognise and acknowledge the great value and special worth of their group. To be sure, collective narcissists demand privileged treatment, not equal rights. And the need for continuous external validation of the group’s inflated image (a negative attribute) is what differentiates collective narcissists from those who simply hold positive feelings about their group.

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Someone got caught by the US prison system.

Just goes to show, you don't want to go to the USA with brown skin.

Mind you, Australia isn't any nicer to it's brown population either.

h/t +謝予穎
An asylum seeker from Bangladesh was forced into solitary confinement at a private prison.

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US Democrats worse than the republicans when it comes to surveillance.

h/t +Uche Eke
#Resistance? I certainly intend to. How can anyone rational possibly take seriously all the righteous denunciations from people like Pelosi, Schiff, and Swalwell about how Trump is a lawless, authoritarian tyrant existentially threatening American democracy when those very same people just yesterday voted in favor of vesting him the virtually limitless power to spy on Americans with no warrants or safeguards?

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Neurons share information with structures that look and behave a lot like viruses, and are built using a repurposed viral gene.

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h/t +Baun Johltz

About 1 Bq ~ 27 pico Curies. Sydney's water cannot measure anything below 5 Bq. And some of the natural granite found around the place has a lot higher activity. Though granite probably has K-40 (pottassium-40).

Eg this map ( shows average granite readings as high as 13 Bq. But due to Radon, not Potassium. Rainwater washes off that.

BTW, as far as I know, Sydney's water authority is probably the most stringent of the authorities around the country.

The difference between USA & Australia, is that USA does have a nuclear program, whereas Australia's nuclear power plant is only experimental. It is not for power generation.
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