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fear is good. it caution us in being a better person
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Can someone please tell me wat does munnal kadhali means?
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there are times in life when we are so depressed being hit by constant failure that all we want to do is quit!
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just cant wait to melt all those extra fat on me completely :P
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This is a word of such impact. Ask anyone what is beauty. At the moment, they will be having the most logically and diplomatic answer with them ready to share with you .

“ beauty is how one behaves”
“ it’s the inner beauty that counts”
“ beauty is not important as it fades with age”
“ why bother of beauty when it’s not permanent”
“Physical beauty have no value”
“ so what if you do not have an outer beauty, as long you are beautiful in the inside, you are wonderful”

Seriously?? Will you let me be a model if I have only inner beauty?

I have not heard a single person say honestly “ Beauty is how you look or how presentable you can be” in the worry of being labeled as materialistic or what so ever.

I don’t actually hear people say “you are beautiful” when someone helps a blind to cross the road nor did I hear them say “it’s a beautiful thing to do” when someone saved a dog from drowning. I am not saying there isn’t at all. I am saying it’s rare.

All Disney princes have fallen in love with the outer beauty of the princess.
Post a new Facebook profile picture and there will be a comment “you are beautiful”
See model type girl pass you and immediately you whisper to your friend “isn’t she beautiful?”

If inner beauty is so much more important than our physical beauty and it is believed by everyone, then why isn’t there an average looking actress in the entertainment industry?

If inner beauty is so much more important than our physical beauty, why is there just one or two questions on it asked to the candidates of a beauty pageant?

If inner beauty is so much important than physical beauty, the cosmetic industry won’t be a top leading company today
All this proves that being physical beautiful will be more beneficial to someone than just having those inner beauty.

Physical beauty is so important these days that you are grouped and classified according to how beautiful you look. Even a job will go to a person with beauty but with no brains.
I am not scared to say that inner beauty have less value in this world compared to the outer beauty one have. That is the world today.

Don’t be satisfied with just achieving one type of beauty. You have to be both beautiful in the inside as well as in the outside to be able to be successful in today’s world.
Without each other, you are no beauty at all.

Each one of us is a single masterpiece created uniquely by God. Would you believe if God would create something ugly and hideous and send them to the earth? I personally believe the word ugly and hideous is a creation of the devil in order to manipulate us, and those negative words are not in God’s Dictionary at all.

Another factor of beauty is that not everyone can be able to feel everything is beautiful as beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder. You can’t expect everyone who you meet feels you are beautiful. Only some will value them and that shouldn’t be discouraging at all.

All I am trying to say is be beautiful in the outside to enhance and to improve your self-confidence so that your inner beauty can be equally noticeable and vice versa. Complete positiveness will bring out magic rather than having a part of negativity still tangling around you.

Peace To All
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Sometime in life you are in a spot , you cant decide between good and bad because no matter what u decide, you are gonna be in a very hot soup.
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June seems to be such a disaster and its super annoying 
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I, Me, Myself 
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