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Sharon Bayliss
Science fiction and fantasy author published by Curiosity Quills.
Science fiction and fantasy author published by Curiosity Quills.


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Visit me at the Texas Library Annual Conference! #txla17
I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference in San Antonio this Thursday, April 20th! Where to find me: I'm participating in the Independent Authors Strut Your Stuff panel on April 20th from 10-11am in Room 301A,...

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Celebrate the #springequinox with a FREE copy of a Taste of Death and Honey! #GIVEAWAY
Happy first day of spring! To celebrate, I'm giving away free digital and audiobook copies of A Taste of Death and Honey , the spring-themed, third book in the December People Series. All you have to do is sign up below between now and midnight CST on 3/20/...

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A Taste of Death and Honey - New Character Spotlight
The spring book in The December People series released on 6/9/16, and with it came some new characters. If you haven't read it yet, this will give you a little preview of who you'll meet in book three. If you have read it, this will tell you a little bit mo...

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A Taste of Death and Honey Play List
Music is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. My characters always seem to spring to life when music is playing. Perhaps it's magic! So when I create a story, I also create a playlist of the songs that inspired me most and I love getting the opportuni...

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Tips from Spring Wizards #firstdayofspring #springequinox
They may seem a little flighty and "out there," but spring wizards are very wise. I might even argue that spring wizards are the most wise of all the wizard seasons. I can just feel the fall wizard eye rolls as I say that. If anything else, they know how to...

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OGRES from @taratylertalks Cradle Rock #MG #Fantasy
Tara Tyler asked me which beast I wanted to highlight for her blog tour, and I knew I wanted ogres! Ona is a little different from most MG/YA heroines, and that's why I like her. Now I give it over to Tara, for her take on ogres. --- I like ogres. I even ma...

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How To Celebrate the Autumn Equinox
Although it's still pretty hot outside in my neck of the woods, autumn is officially here! At 9:21am CT, the sun will be directly over the equator, marking the official transition from light to dark. If you're a fan of The December People Series , you also ...

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#CoverReveal for Cradle Rock by @taratylertalks #MG #Fantasy
I had a lot of fun with Broken Branch Falls and I'm excited for Cradle Rock ! Review coming later! Check out the cover and trailer... CRADLE ROCK by Tara Tyler Release Date: December 1, 2016 Welcome to the forest. Gabe and his girlfriend Ona are headed in o...

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Order Signed Copies
Welcome to the secret ordering page for my Facebook friends, cronies, well-wishers, and gene-sharers. Here, you can buy signed copies of my books at cost. U.S. media mail shipping is included in the base price unless you are international. In that case, you...

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I had a great time visiting with +Sharon Bayliss about her writing process and her newest works! Thanks, Sharon!
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