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I haven't blogged in years, but today a friend called my attention to an issue dear to my heart that needs my voice—and an article virtually wrote itself in my mind. Here's to you, abuse victims. I'm on your side. #quickread   #abuse   #stopthesilence  
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This music video makes me proud to know the artists, Jared & Zac Caster. Mission Experience buddies, and other YD camp friends, you'll definitely want to see this!!
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Thanks for sharing such an intimate communication with God.  Bravo
 and bravo.
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Kittens have an instinct for creating adventure...and object lessons. :-)
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A bit of this week's spiritual journey. :-)
The first time I heard the song, the words gripped me: They say I am a dreamer, blind and cannot see. . . . They say I am an idealist, blind and cannot see that the principles I cling to won't sta...
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Btw, I did notice...subconsciously. ;) 
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Not my blog. Cami's. Right on, Cami!
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Beautifully stated. <3
I'm afraid to invite them over because I don't know what they'll do." I'm sure you've heard similar phases about certain people. Sometimes they are unfounded. Sometimes they are legit worries. But every time I hear it it make...
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Read it.
One of the hardest things I’ve done is publicly share my testimony of healing from sexual abuse. The shame and fear were overpowering. This was desp...
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Relationship lessons from the new baby at our house. ♥
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Me too! I love kittens!
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When did epic come into vogue? I feel like it has been two, maybe three years—but I really wouldn't know, since my family has had our own usage of the word for 15 or 20 years. In Francis language,...
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Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord....
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