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House & Commercial Painting Directory, Find the Exact Painter You Need
House & Commercial Painting Directory, Find the Exact Painter You Need


Sunrise yellow exterior painting! I think so!
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only 30 more days to take advantage of the Special offer on!     
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ONLY 43 DAY LEFT!  Take advantage today! Special Offer $30 a month to List your Painting Company in 6 Cities/towns with no increase in Price for 5 YEARS OFFER! ends June 30th!  List yourself now!  
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We just got word a Painting Company in CO received a lead to Paint 30+ duplex buildings from  Talk about a return on marketing dollars!  If they get that HUGE job Hope they send us some cake. Vanilla Please!
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I love hearing about the leads Painting companies are getting from!  So glad we can help painters!
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Top 3 tips for Hiring a Painting Company

1.  Check References, Don't rely on any online reviews good or bad.

2.  Get a minimum of Three Bids.  Be sure to let each company know you are doing this.  Getting a rough estimate on how much painters charge before getting an actual estimate is never a good indicator of the final painting cost. 

3.  Every Painting estimate should spell out exactly what work will be done.  If an estimate is just a cost to paint number, you'll never know what you're going to get!  Make sure every area you need painted are detailed and spelled out in the painting quotes.  
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Looking to hire a Local Painter for your spring Project?  

If the recent data breaches at national retailers, HD, Target, Verizon, even Anthem Blue Cross has taught us anything, it is Don't Trust Any Database with your info!  Everytime you fill out a website to become a member, or maybe a website just wants your name, phone number and address, so someone can contact you.  You just put  Your info out there that can be Stolen, or just Plan sold to the highest bidder.  

Heres an Example:  You fill out a form with your name, address, and phone number on a site to find a Plumber.   Well what does this tell companies right off the bat.  1. You're probably a homeowner, 2.  You are responsible, 3. From your address I can find the Local Demographic (yearly average Income, etc.) 4. and so forth.  

That company can turn around and sell your information as responsible Home Owner, Gender, Average yearly income, and what if the questionnaire asked about your household?...   Questions like,   Number of People at house, age of occupants, etc.  Can tell a ton more about your marketability.   oh you have kids,   Great! thats a gold mine for Selling your info.  

Research the phrase- Data Mining and you'll see what I'm talking about.  

So what does this have to do with Getting your house painted?   Or looking for a painter for your nursery? Be Careful! you are just sharing personal information that can be used for WHO KNOWS WHAT!

Use sites that don't require memberships, Don't need you to login.  Don't ask for your phone number to receive 3 quotes from who know who.   

If you'l looking for a house painter, a site such as can help you find the company you like anonamously.  All without any personal information from you.  

on Painting Companies get the chance to earn your business, not by buying your lead but showcasing their awesome work record!  

Best of luck in your Spring projects!  
Be careful giving your information to any website!  You never know what could happen to your data.
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House, Building Painting Brush or Roll?

Lots of times homeowners will request rolling because they think it's better than painting with a sprayer.  Our opinion is that yes there are benefits to Rolling a paint job, but there isn't a need to just roll.   You will pay MUCH MUCH more in doing so.  When many times all you need is painting done with a sprayer.

Interior painting- If you can remove items that aren't easily Covered, or items block large areas of surface to be painted.  There isnt' a faster, more cost effective, way to get a beautiful paint job then by spraying the walls and ceiling.  If you need an extra Flat finish.  Spray & Back Roll is the way to go.  In this method, a painting company will Spray the desired paint on the walls, and immediately behind the person spraying, someone Rolls the newly sprayed area.  This eliminates the need to dip a roller in new paint.   The roller just constantly rolls the newly sprayed surface.   Therefore helping to push the new paint into the walls.  As when requesting a quote for painting what method the painter likes to perform.

Exterior Painting Always make sure the surface is clean before application of new paint.  Spraying the exterior of a building is perfectly acceptable.  But go a step above and if you can afford to pay a painter to Back roll it also do so.  You will get the most even coat, with a Spray and Back Roll Method.  Though depending on the paint company you get bids from this may increase the cost substantially. 
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