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Snares Islands - New Zealand
Google Map Link Spirit of Enderby After our trip to Stewart Island  we embarked on an eight day trip to the sub-Antarctic islands.  These islands lie  between New Zealand and Antarctica and are home to unique birds and
plants.  First up was the North East I...

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Stewart Island - New Zealand
[This isn't exactly backcountry, but is a way for us to share our adventures with friends. Text by Susan, photos by Bob] Google Map Link Stewart Island.
January 2-3, 2017 The beach at Stewart Island We spent a couple
days on Stewart Island, well at least we...

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Everything is White
We discovered a new winter loop route in one of our summer hiking spots, one which gave us uninterrupted and incredible views of the Sierra front range from Mt. Emerson to Mt. Tom, and down into the valley below. Along the way we found a Sooty Grouse, extre...

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Ten Million Steps
Ten million steps in 2016. The phone was purchased late October 2014 and only recorded a couple months of data that year. I knew at the beginning of the year that I would walk a lot of steps, especially with the 2650 mile PCT on the horizon, but would never...

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Golden Trout Lake and Dragon Peak
Map Track Bird List Golden Trout Lake headwall out of Onion Valley Driving west from the little town of Independence will bring you to the popular trailhead at Onion Valley. From here the vast majority of hikers will continue west on the trail to Kearsarge ...

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Birding and Mileage Summaries, and Other Thoughts
Let's get right to the quiz answers!  I posted this quiz in a blog shortly before we left. A few of my friends made guesses to each question. The person(s) with the closest guess is in brackets after each question. 1 - How many bird species will we see on t...

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So. Cal. Birding Summary, an Awesome Trail Mom, and Quiz Update
eBird Summary While we sit here waiting for snow to melt in the Sierra (right now it is snowing MORE!), here are some data from the first 700 miles of eBird surveying the Pacific Crest Trail. Total number of species: 157 Total number of checklists: 167 Top ...

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Southern California Completed
Day 44 - May 19 Mile: 689.2 to 704.7 (Kennedy Meadows Campground) up/down: 1350/2425 feet New trip birds today: Golden Eagle and Killdeer Bird List 1 Bird List 2 Bird List 3 The Pacific Crest Trail is usually divided into 5 sections: Southern California, Si...

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Time Out
Day 31 to 33 - May 6 to 8 Miles: 0 Sunrise at our aqueduct camp last week We will be back on the trail Monday morning, thanks to friends Brenda and Dan. The section we are heading into is the driest on the PCT with the potential for a 40+ mile water-less se...

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Wandering aimlessly, or not...
Map Track Link Bird List Sierra Crest south of Walker Pass Only two days before we start the Pacific Crest Trail, we had some nervous energy to burn off this morning. There was a weekly location eBird gap for Freeman Canyon so off we went for a ramble. Susa...
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