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I dream of being the first Android Poet Laureate on Mars.
I dream of being the first Android Poet Laureate on Mars.

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I hope you won't mind my mentioning that the D6xD6 Patreon is going very well.

Two settings published so far--"Chambers and Chimaeras*" (me), and "Tales from the Terror Tomb" (+James Pearson'). Early January will see "Invasion of the Saucer People" (James Brooks, based on my old card game). And patrons are voting right now for February's title.

For $1/mo. patrons get the monthly setting 90 days before it's published, a patrons-only bonus adventure, and a vote for what comes next.

Please consider joining. I don't really need anything else for Christmas. :-D


I've been asked about convention sales.

From my experience, people ask about buying a copy at the end of demos. If you'd like to sell copies that way, send me an email via, and we can talk consignment or Popcorn Press' retailer discount.


Got the "Chambers 'n' Chimaeras" setting posted to the Patreon site early this morning. Stan! did a great job with the illos, and I had a lot of fun finishing out the chapter. :-)

Sadly, I've been remiss on posting to the Tavern Keeper adventure group. I wish my brain were more dependable. :-(

Anyway, happy Sunday. I hope you've had a great weekend, and wish you a great week.

Announcement: A high fantasy D6xD6 sourcebook is in the works!

Matt Helms' recent question about running classic fantasy with D6xD6 got me thinking. For high fantasy, the "World of Esfah" setting is perfect. I've run adventures with that D6xD6 chapter at Gen Con and elsewhere, always with great success, and usually for players with no prior knowledge. It's a world near and dear to me, a setting I created as home to the Dragon Dice game while on staff at TSR.

When TSR folded, several Dragon Dice aficionados created SFR, Inc., bought the game rights, and have been publishing and expanding upon it ever since. They've done masterful work, and I'm grateful to call them friends.

I'm excited to say that they've agreed for me to develop a full treatment of the Esfah setting, as a standalone high fantasy sourcebook. w00t!

My first goal is to translate the Dragon Dice battlefield spells to D6xD6 adventure scale. With those and the current D6xD6 adventure chapter, fantasy campaigns can easily be launched. More setting material, Esfah-specific equipment, denizens, etc. will follow--likely even more magic.

More news to come as it develops!


One of the unusual strengths of the D6xD6 rules, I believe, is its use of Occupation as something to roll against. One of its weaknesses is that experience with other RPGs leads Game Hosts to call for Attribute rolls too often.

From play experience, I've noticed that rolls vs. Attributes too often frustrates players. Let's say rolls against Grace to dodge some sort of trap. Statistically 1 in 4 PCs will have that Focused, 2 in 4 will have it Unfocused, and 1 in 4 will have it Unfamiliar. That means 1 in 4 will pretty much always succeed, 2 in 4 will generally fail, and 1 in 4 is pretty much guaranteed to fail. Rolls against

Attributes suck pretty much all feeling of uniqueness out of PCs.

If I do a 2nd edition (God I hate 2nd ed.s), this is a point to be emphasized. In the meantime, it's here as a tip to you guys.


Got an idea, would like your reaction.

PC Biz Cards have been successful for D6xD6, especially at conventions, because (1) they communicate a point about the game's ease, and (2) they don't get thrown away after a demo, so that URL isn't forgotten.

But I realize they're cramped for notes about gear & stuff.

I'm thinking of adding PC sheet bookmarks to our catalog. Book cover and some game tables on the front. Blank PC sheet with Drama Points and a check box damage table on the back.


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+charles mcgrew's Don't Look Back KS is just a few hours old and already more than 1/4 funded! Several TSR colleagues & I have fond memories of the game. (You can see them on the KS page.)

And as you may know, he's using the D6xD6 rules as the core mechanics: the D6xD6 RPG's 1st license. w00t!

So I have two reasons to love the game. :-D

Early KS success means momentum to fund and reach stretch goals, and it can even draw Kickstarter staff support. So please give the project a look:

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In case you haven't yet seen the news, the very first setting for the D6xD6 Patreon project is underway!

It's Chambers & Chimaeras*, a tongue-in-cheek world of '80s cartoon adventure, featuring He-Darr the Barbellian and friends, vs his old nemesis Skele-Mat and minions. But He-Darr can't be everywhere, so the Chamber Master has summoned the PCs to help save this world of futuristic sorcery and ancient magics!

My old buddy Stan Brown is illustrating it. Below are initial sketches of the two main characters.

The thing is already about two-thirds written, and I'm having a blast adapting the D6xD6 rules to cartoon tropes. For example, the better your armor skill in this setting, the better your protection, but the less armor you actually wear. That explains why those cartoons showed heroes wearing nothing but bearskin loincloths, while faceless minions clanked around in full plate.

You may well have seen some of this material on the D6xD6 website, but I've taken it down to work it over and expand it. Wish me luck!

*Yes, I know it's mispronounced.
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Subject: D6xD6 Patreon Project.

Request: Please visit the link below, and look for problems, errors, unfortunate wording, etc. Either post your comments here, or email if you prefer.

Kate is prepping an image with a trio of characters to adorn the single patron level. Other than that, what you see is what will be launched.

Thanks for any help!


Hey, everybody. Please welcome Chuck McGrew to our group! He's the creator of the Don't Look Back RPG (Terror is Never Far Behind), one of my favorites. I came across it while reviewing things for Dragon Magazine back in the day, and ran it for TSR colleagues. Much enjoyment.

Chuck has been working on a new edition of Don't Look Back, using the D6xD6 system! Next month, he'll be launching a Kickstarter to fund some new art. And I'll be helping as much as possible behind the scenes. It will be published by Popcorn Press.

So there you go. Pretty exciting news. Wish us luck! :-D
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