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Matt Quanstrom
Stellar Real Estate Consultant in Walnut Creek, CA. (Contra Costa County)
Stellar Real Estate Consultant in Walnut Creek, CA. (Contra Costa County)


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Stuff To Do In Walnut Creek, August 2016

Sometimes it can be challenging to scour the web and find all the things going on in Walnut Creek. How do we know???

We did it for you! Follow the link above, or below and check out our round up of things to do in #WalnutCreek in August 2016 😃
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Coming very soon! #RealEstat   #ConcordCA  
Our team has a listing coming soon (this week!). The home is at 1680 Baywood Drive in Concord, CA. The home is nestled on a nice, corner lot. Baywood is a short, private street, and the home shares a corner with a small court.

More details will be at this page soon. But you can check out some tidbits ahead of time! Photos happen Wednesday, so things will be complete in the day or two after that! 😎

1680 Baywood Drive, Concord, CA 94521

#ConcordCA #RealEstate #SingleStoryHome #Kitchen #CornerLot
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Here is a snapshot of the market in Walnut Creek, CA. Showing how inventory is low, yet buyer demand is raising prices for sellers.

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Really great points in this article for realtors to blog and promote.

Loved the emphasis on valuable long form content, and avoiding "fluff" to simply pump up poor content into long form
How to Blog and Promote Like a Champion
Here is some great advice who want to take their blogging and content curation to another level!

+Kyle Hiscock has put together an exceptional article over at t he +RESAAS | The Real Estate Social Network™ that talks about how a real estate agent can win business online through the crafting and dissemination of their content.

Most real estate agents can create decent content but fail in the art of promotion. Want some tips? Check it out along with helpful resources to +Point2 +Paul Sian +Easy Agent Pro and myself.

If you find the article helpful be sure to share it!

#realestate #contentmarketing #socialmediamarketing  
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Homes in Walnut Creek tend to sell quickly, considering the buyer demand for homes in our area is feverish at this point. Also, there are still not enough homes hitting the market to satisfy that demand. So home buyers are competing to win these homes. Resulting in better terms and higher selling prices for home sellers...

Read on...

#RealEstate   #WalnutCreek   #ContraCosta   #Realtor   #TechSavvyRealtor  
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I may have taken a sales position with AT&T, but that doesn't mean my feet are completely out of the real estate industry. I'm in a position where I can still handle my real estate team's online marketing initiatives for both the team, and the listings we represent. #Blessed

Excited to continue both pursuits as things move forward.
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New Walnut Creek & Lafayette Listings, 8/11/2015

Today we went out on Broker's Tour to check out homes on behalf of our team's clients, and to stay on top of our local market. 

Lots of great homes out there today! We hit neighborhoods in Concord, Walnut Creek and Lafayette. Most of the homes we saw were extravagant, and showed spectacularly. Especially a couple Lafayette homes that were simply grandiose.

#RealEstate   #Realtor   #WalnutCreek   #Lafayette   #Concord   #Blogging   #ContraCosta   #CoCoCounty   #RanchHomes   #Mansion   #LuxuryHomes  
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I'm here to share another article about real estate agents taking advantage of blogging. My team is still almost the only entity taking advantage of this channel in my area, so hopefully this can help others dive deeper!

I've been running my team's online presence for the last couple years, and blogging has been the crucial factor behind our growth. Once figuring out a plan, topics to write about, and making a schedule...things get easier. The article linked discusses some of that in more detail. 

Many of the big points with blogging in real estate, is building up authority and credibility with Google over time. As Google sees you as an authority on the subject, your content begins to rank better in searches. There have been many times lately, where my team's content about our new listings outranked Zillow and Trulia (while active)! (I have to keep experimenting with each listing, but I have an idea of what's making that happen). 

I hope the article has some helpful information, always available to chat more.

#RealEstate   #RealEstateMarketing   #ContentMarketing   #Blogging   #SocialMedia  

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Hi Guys, This is my first time posting in the community! Hopefully the article I wrote and am sharing is helpful to other real estate agents.

Are you blogging? I have been running my team's online presence for a couple years now, building up our library of content and experimenting with different strategies to grow our blog. It has gotten to the point where I truly believe in how powerful a blog can be for a real estate business.

At this point, it's an opportunity to differentiate from your peers. In my area at least, barely anyone else is taking "blogging" seriously. I'm surprised, but I'm happy to be soaking up all the web traffic and lead conversions!

Anyway, the article linked below outlines some more reasons for blogging in real estate. Including the big one, SEO. Routinely discussing your local market and area, will help Google see you as an authority on the subject and rank you higher in search results. :)

#RealEstate   #RealEstateMarketing   #Blogging   #ContentMarketing   #SocialMedia  

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How To Tell If Your Realtor Is "Tech-Savvy

This post was a fun one to do! As I hope that it can be helpful for real estate customers AND real estate agents as well. 

All too often I am seeing realtors in my community play the "tech-savvy," card and have almost nothing to back up the claim. Thus leading to an absolute disservice to the clients they represent. 

A lot of this resides in the online marketing department of agents who are representing home sellers. As I (personally) don't consider the use of "special" messaging apps and Skype video calls markers of "tech-savvy."

I've come across instances where an agent tells a prospective client, "I have 300 'likes' on facebook, so I will post the listing there." Yet most of their connections on there are peers in the industry with MLS access already. Are they not familiar with "dark posts," and getting the listing in front of specifically targeted audiences?

Here's one of my main thoughts from the post...

If it is hard to find a realtor's online presence and social media, how are home buyers going to find the home you are selling through them?

Thank you so much for reading, if you feel that this post is worthy, feel free to share. I would so greatly appreciate it :)

#RealEstate   #RealEstateMarketing   #Technology   #WalnutCreek   #ContentMarketing   #SocialMedia  
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