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Gail Davis
Servant of the Lord.
Servant of the Lord.

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Are justice and judgment only negative things? God doesn't think so. See why.

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Our lives are guided by principles of right and wrong. These principles come from God and His work within our hearts as His creation.

With these naturally comes justice and judgment. Instead of seeing rightness and justice as negative things in life, let's look at them as good and ways to grow.

Listen to this Bible study podcast to understand more.

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Plumb Line of God
Introduction Amos spoke eight prophesies to the Israelites of the
northern kingdom, seven about the nations around them and one about their own
people. He then spent four chapters (chapters 3-6) proclaiming the sins about
which God charged and judged them. ...

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This is the latest podcast in the Bible study series. Did you listen to it yet?

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What did Amos mean when he told the Israelites to let justice flow like rolling waters? Is it applicable to us today?
Here's a podcast to help you understand.

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NEW PODCAST!! Justice Like Rolling Water
Amos 5:18-27
Why did Amos use this metaphor when speaking to the Israelites?

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A new podcast will go up later this week in the Amos Bible study series.
Did you listen to this last one? Click the link to listen to it now.

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New devotional

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The latest podcast from the Amos Bible study series.
Have you listened to it yet?

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A People Unto Themselves
Introduction The people of the northern Kingdom of Israel considered
themselves unaccountable to Yehovah. They no longer praised God for His
protection and provision, but sang songs to themselves for what they
accomplished-victory in battle, excess of provi...
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