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Stevie Knight
Passionate about Kingdom Influence and the Power of Social Media
Passionate about Kingdom Influence and the Power of Social Media

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I'm looking for a mindmap/presenting platform where I can embed videos and play them within the presentation without switching to another browser tab/youtube/etc...Ideas?

So far, I've found Popplet (awesome for this but looks rarely updated so may not be around long...also flash based so requires app to view presentations/mindmaps on mobile), and Prezzi, which works...sort of.

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Great reference!

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Watching I love hearing the stories of others succeeding with their own business. Time for regular people to succeed!

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Great inspirational speaker! She can inspire people who've been knocked down by life with motivation and practical action steps! Vote for her!

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Updating my photo makes me feel younger...what's the deal?! LOL!

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Overwhelmed in social media? Wonder if it's worth it? Wish your business reflected all the hours you put in? What about Google +? Come to this webinar where I"ll be sharing important concepts and strategies you should be using NOW. Thanks to Debbie Turner for hosting this webcast!

"Build Better Buzz" Webinar Tonight. You Coming?

Tonight, Thursday, August 4th at 9pm EST

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