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Fargo Season 3
New season of Fargo is excellent. And the songs excellent too. I bet you are looking for that one song " Allrighty" by Los Massieras which is playing when Nikki and Ray go to the bridge tournament. Well here it is:-

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The Buddha was a Reformer
The Buddha was a reformer; he went
to the source of the Hindu teachings and reformed them into his own time. The
name Buddha is a title that means one who is awakened; one who is awakened to
the truth. The main difference between Hinduism and Buddhism is th...

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The 6th Verse For Training the Mind
When someone whom I
have benefited or in whom I have placed great trust and hope, harms me or
treats me in hurtful ways without reason, May I see that person as my precious teacher. You come home one day to find your best friend in bed with your
childhood s...

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The Eighth Verse of the Eight Verses for Training the Mind
May I keep all of these practices undefiled by stains of the eight
worldly concerns (gain/loss, pleasure/pain, praise/blame, fame/dishonor), and
by recognizing the emptiness and illusory nature of all existing things, may I
be liberated from the bondage of ...

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The 5th Verse.
Whenever others,
because of their jealousy, treat me badly with abuse, insult, slander, or in
other unjust ways, may I accept this defeat myself and offer the victory to
others. Geshe
Chekhawa was a Kadampa Buddhist meditation master who really got excited ...

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Buddha and The Four Immeasurables
The Four Immeasurables: May
everyone be happy, May
everyone be free from suffering, May
no one ever be separated from their happiness, May
everyone have equanimity free from hatred and attachment. I live by that prayer; it is the last thing I repeat
until I...

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The Third Verse of Langri Tangpa's Eight Verses
I know I said I would write a commentary on two of the verses at a time, well it was too much hard work for me so I have decided to just do a verse at a time. Here is the third verse: In all actions, may I closely examine my state of mind, and the moment a

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The Fourth Verse
Whenever I meet people of unpleasant character or those overwhelmed by
negativity, pain or suffering, may I cherish and care for them as if I had
found a rare and precious treasure difficult to find. Another aspect of
karma that one needs to think about is ...

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Wayne Dyer is an Ego Maniac.
Read This Instead :- Inner Peace I mean just look at him! He's so smug and conceited, he really believes he is some kind of angelic prophet! The reason
I, and many other people, loathe Wayne Dyer is because he is an aloof liar. He is making a fortune and

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The Eight Verses for Training the Mind
I started talking to a Chinese lady at my school the other day, she
teaches Chinese to secondary school kids. We were sitting in the staff room
together and chewing the fat when she happened to mention that she was looking
forward to going on a holiday to T...
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