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Live a VIP Life on an Average Paycheck
Live a VIP Life on an Average Paycheck

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I want you to think back. Waaaayyyy back, to before you carried your money hang-ups around with you.

When money didn’t feel like a limiting factor. Wasn’t a limited resource. Wasn’t a stress.

When money was shiny, and new, and something you were highly fascinated with.

What did you want for yourself in terms of money at this point in your life?

That’s how deep I want you to dig to create a money mission statement for your own child. Instead of stressing over how to teach kids about money, start thinking about what you actually want them to know.


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I am beyond pleased to spill the beans about what I've been up to. Last spring, I downloaded a spark of divine inspiration to start an Online Money Summer Camp for kids.

So I did.

Then I soft launched my new website,, to create an entirely new brand around the idea of teaching 8-13 year old kids financial literacy through engaging money simulations.

Last fall, I had another divine spark of inspiration to create something amazing -- the Mt. Everest Money Simulation -- and bring it to schools.

I can now announce that my grant proposal to do just that was chosen for the second round of the Plutus Foundation grants!:

This is the self-actualizing work I was gushing about several weeks ago, which is when I was creating the grant proposal and outlining my idea onto actual paper.

I am so appreciative to be able to bring this work into the world. Huge thank you's to The Plutus Foundation (Plutus Foundation), my husband, Paul Peacock, for being beyond supportive in all my pursuits, and my Aunt Nancy Terrell for letting me bounce ideas off of her + giving me feedback on my work.

#SelfActualizingWorkRocks #financialliteracy, #kidsandmoney

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See my secret trick for how I scored $1,128.45 in free airfare for trips to Paris and Japan while in college.

Please pin to Pinterest!


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Setting up bank account for baby? Let me walk you through the considerations to make so you can get this off your to-do list and onto your ta-da list


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Savings accounts for kids don’t need to collect dust, even if they’re not particularly growing at the moment. Try out one or all of these 3 activities to keep your child’s money education going despite their stagnant balance.


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Got an 11-13 year old and want them to become money whip-smart? Wondering what that even looks like for their age (according to the President's Advisory Council)?

Check out my latest post in the series "Money Stories to Read Your Kid" to find the answers for how to teach kids about money.


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Ever wonder what kinds of stories you can read your pre-tween child about money (or they can read themselves) to start the learning? Curious as to what the President and his advisory council thinks your pre-tween should already know about money to live a "financially smart" life?

Check out my latest post, and the second in the series, Money Stories to Read Your Kid: Pre-Tween. This is a great start for you if you don't quite know how to teach kids about money and are wondering what the heck financial literacy for kids looks like (at specific ages).

#howtoteachkidsaboutmoney   #financialliteracyforkids   #howtoexplainmoneytoachild   #teachingkidsaboutmoney  

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Did you know that 66% of children who played online money games reported that it actually helped them to understand how to save and spend wisely?

So how about it? I've got 11 Free Online Money Games for Kids (plus loads others on my Pinterest Board devoted to this entire subject:

#freeonlinemoneygamesforkids #funonlinemoneygames   #onlinemoneygames  

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Are you committing any of these deadly sins? It could cost you big time in money + headaches when dealing with telesharks.

#debtfree   #getoutofdebt   #debtcollectors   #telesharks  

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Chances are pretty good you have, or will commit one of these 7 Deadly Sins while dealing with debt collectors. And, think YOU will never be contacted by one? Well, turns out that 24% of all credit report mistakes are for debts not even owed by a consumer. WOW.

Protect yourself!

#getoutofdebt  #debtcollector #debtcollections   #debt   #debtfree  
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