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YAY!! Pages are here! I just created a page for the What If Conference. Come hang with me, 'kay?

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We've been profiling our Innovators all week. Today we take a closer look at why we asked +jesh de rox to be part of WHAT IF.

We first met Jesh the year before he became "JESH". He was, like most of us, pursuing a dream, still in the early stages of a career yet to develop. Just one year later, he went from a face in the crowd to someone whose name everyone was saying.

Imagine that, from relative unknown to "superstar" in just a few days. It was crazy to watch, probably even crazier to live.

We have watched Jesh evolve from that "kid" on the sidelines to the man he now is. Through his journey there have been missteps, mistakes, successes and countless rewards. Jesh's journey, while relatively quick, is filled with lessons that led to where he now is.

Heart has always been Jesh's strength. Coupled with sincerity and a savvy nose for business, Jesh is the founder of Beloved, and a man who creates a reaction wherever he goes.

There was one moment we shared with Jesh that stays with us always: we were out with a group in Tampa. As we were leaving, Jesh suddenly stopped mid-conversation and looked at the ground. At least that's what we thought he was doing. We paused and waited, unsure of what was happening. And then resumed our conversation without him. A few minutes passed until he quietly said something like "Do you see it?" Each of us, photographers all, looked at Jesh's hand which he was slowly passing through a pattern of light cast onto a nighttime sidewalk. Not one of us had seen what he was seeing, or, if we did, thought to look more closely.

Jesh sees light. He sees shadow. And he see people, for who and what they are. And while Jesh's message is often polarizing in this community, the one thing we know for certain is that he is a Creative, with all that means.

We chose Jesh for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was our belief that he will get you thinking. We have seen him turn jaded hearts mushy, and incite emotion both positive and negative amongst his peers. Anyone who can cause intense feelings like that is worth listening to. Because love him or not, you will never forget a conversation with Jesh.

We're excited to have him at WHAT IF and we know that you will leave his program different than when you entered.

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Our search for Innovators was a long one. We made a list, checked it twice, and crossed a lot of names off. Too many of our choices were "standard" speakers who have been heard time and time again. The last thing we wanted was a duplicate of every other conference.

Then, one link led to another link, which took us in a new direction, which led us to +Jaime Ibarra

This is not your average photographer. Everything about Jaime is unique - from his attitude, to his work, to his business and to his imagery. The fact is, we can say with confidence that there is likely no one in the world quite like Jaime Ibarra.

Born with a unique neurological condition, Jaime doesn't see colors, he hears them. And so, in his photography, Jaime works with a color palette that sounds best to his ear. The result are, well, stunning.

But what brought us to Jaime was not just his stunning images - it's never just the images. What Jaime offers is a truly unique journey - from graphic design and music, to photography and digital art. His perspective, his approach, his understanding of how to work with people, all combine to make Jaime a true original.

Jaime trusts his vision, his "voice" if you will, and with that trust comes the freedom to create with originality. He doesn't follow where others lead, he doesn't make images that are derivative of others, he doesn't use actions that everyone else has - he works with confidence and trusts the voice he was given.

Jaime's story is one where the artist is more than the tools being used. And it is that artist, and Jaime's trust in it, that inspired us to choose him as one of your Innovators.

One camera. One lens. One vision.

You read that right - he uses one camera and one lens, proving once and for all gear is nothing without someone to make it sing.

You can see more of Jaime's work at and here:

Want to see him speak? There is only one place to do that - WHAT IF.

Hurry up, sign up, and get your butt to WHAT IF.

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We haven't posted many weddings this season (exclusivity with blogs/mags which is a whole other story) but I thought it would be fun to share one here. Great day with Sara + Mika which proves the details never matter as much as the people getting married.

Inextricably amused by technology today. Sometimes an old fashioned, in person, conversation will do the trick.

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Last day to win a SX70 and the film to make pictures with it! You have until midnight October 10th! (pacific time)

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And if you haven't seen this, it's worth 15 minutes of your time.

He leave a heck of a legacy. We've all been touched by his ingenuity and creativity whether we use a mac or not. He had that much influence and reach. RIP Steve Jobs, you are already missed.

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