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The King's Shorts (film, that is)
Hi readers! I'm not dead. Today I'm here to tell you about a hypnotist, hoaxer, magic lantern operator, and one of the earliest pioneers of film. And, of course, his connection to the King! While it could never be said that he's a household name, as many of...

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Eight Years of Blogging Christmas
Forgive me, oh readers, this is a bit of a cheat post. I just read lovely Retro Chick's Christmas outft post & wanted to rip off her idea. But because I'm nothing if not resourceful and have done this in the past, I'm basically reposting almost exactly what...

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The King & The American
Would you look at the time? I'm going back to 1892 to tell you all another story about a certain late King. It's quite the interesting tale. Welcome to Two Temple Place... Two Temple place is a gothic mansion, situated on the Victoria Embankment of the Rive...

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Go Hard or Go Frome (part 1)
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (or rather last June in Somerset), much fun was had. It was actually a hen do, and all in honour of Jeni aka Yesterday Girl , who got married in Vegas last July. A fabulous time was had by all (and documented on Ins...

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Feelin' Vinyl
Yesterday was really quite special. Not only did I get to hang out with one of my oldest and dearest friends Naomi Thompson , but I got to dress up and have my photo taken in a fabulous 1970s dress with hair and makeup, too. Exhibit A: As a newly converted ...

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Welcome Home (The King's Sanatorium)
It's time for another delve into English Edwardian history for The King's Ginger. This time, we're going back to a darker time, when tuberculosis was a scourge. Men, women, children, rich or poor - no one was safe, and a cure was not yet known. But the luck...

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Snapshots of Berlin
After an insanely busy six weeks, last Monday, I ran away to Berlin for a couple of days. One of the nice things about being a freelance copywriter and social media type, is that with a bit of preparation, I can do my job anywhere in the world. In theory. E...

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Having a Grape Old Time!
It's about time I took a foray back into the more distant past for a fresh King's Ginger adventure. Luckily enough, I have had one up my sleeve for a few months, ready to unleash on my loyal readers at the most opportune moment! This particular story revolv...

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From Hobby to Career – Becoming a Vintage Seller
In the second of my two posts for Surgard 's blog, I am asking: so, you think you have a good eye for
vintage clothing and accessories? Perhaps, after many years devoted
to your own collection – honing your eye for a bargain – you
realise you prefer hunting...

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Starting a Vintage Collection: Beginner's Basics
Collecting anything, but especially
vintage clothing or accessories, can vary from being a casual hobby
to an all-consuming compulsion. As a collector of everything from
Beanie Babies (as a kid) to vintage housedresses (ongoing), I have
experience at both e...
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