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Camp Update
Wow, this last week was one of the most tiring but funnest weeks here yet. We had 55 kids come to camp and the whole week was almost non-stop playing games and learning about God. Honestly, it was beautiful to be a part of, and obvious that God was at work....

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It's my Dad's Birthday!!
That's right! My dad is a Christmas eve baby! One of the best Christmas gifts ever. Oh how I wish I could completely describe him, but to put it simple. He is one of my biggest heroes and greatest friends! Here's a few pictures into the life of my dad.     ...

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A lesson from mud and a young boy in Panama
Walking down the mud trail I looked ahead to where my next foot step should go. Finding a spot I shifted my weight and stepped down, only to have my foot slip right out from underneath me. Falling backwards I barely caught myself above a big mud puddle in a...

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Update 2
Me, Kasey, Bridget, Nancy, and Micaela - The girls of the Tirrases Crew With the crazy face making dudes of our Tirrases Gap Team - Will and Brandon Hi Friends and Family! Thank you all for praying for me. It has been so neat to see
God work here. First off...

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One Month in Costa Rica
Me with five of the girls that I get to spend to spend every Saturday with, unfortunately we were facing the sun. :-) Hi everyone! First off, I apologize for taking so long to post my second update! I've gotten so caught up in life here that I've slacked on...

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Costa Rica Adventure – Update 1
Hi Everyone, My Favorite Experience So Far Seven people with a heart for God and sharing His love, gathered in an apartment living room at  9:30pm , singing praise to our Lord and Savior. Praying that He would continue to soften our hearts, fill us with His...

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What Up
Life is busy. Things are changing. But God is good

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November 23, 2011
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