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thanks season 2 premier of The Walking Dead. Thanks a lot. Really.

since bob dylan couldn't write a song under 3 minutes, he should never be on your long list of required class listenings.

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..... i don't understand programming, man. Any Python guru's out there?
need user to click in a graphics window to draw either a circle, rectangle, or triangle. that's the start of it anyway. I can't even get that to happen. In fact I can't get anything except a prompt for the user to pick which shape they'd like to use.

Water spilled on bluetooth keyboard. Bought defective USB keyboard. Traded in defective USB keyboard. Now have keyboard. Rejoice.

need a typewriter. shouldn't write papers this close to the internet.

drink your corn licker let the cocaine be

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This is a band playing while riding a motorcycle. And it's much more awesome than you could possibly imagine:

so... python 3 really doesn't create a directory for itself on a mac? just an unmodifiable application folder? wat? halp?

oh nooooo it's the final Usagi Drop !!
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