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Watchmaking museum
Last week we were walking around the town of the watchmakers, La Chaux-de-Fonds. Today I invite you to a very special museum where we will be able to admire the results of their work. Real masterpieces of Swiss watchmaking. And far beyond in fact - let's di...

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La Chaux-de Fonds
La Chaux-de Fonds is a town of about fourty thousand people in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. It is located in the Jura mountains at an altitude of 1000 meters. The surrounding lands are not suited for farming and in the mountains getting a job is...

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Do you remember our little misunderstanding last winter? When my family took me to the Augustusburg castle, just not the one I was hoping to see? I have promised you then that one day we will see the UNESCO World Heritage site of the same name . Ladies and ...

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Today we will visit one of the most famous German cities - Cologne . It is mainly famous for its amazing gothic cathedral devoted to Saint Peter . Its construction stared in the thirteenth century to accomodate the numerous pilgrims visint the city and was ...

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After our last trip to Melide, I have got an e-mail from one of the readers telling me that I have forgotten about the biggest tourist attraction in the town. Of course, I did not. I simply wanted to give it full attention and a separate post. The Swissmina...

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As you all know, Switzerland does not have access to any sea. Still, it is possible to have a glimpse of Mediterranean while still being in Switzerland. I invite you to walk with me around a picturesque town of Melide in canton Ticino.  Nice residential bui...

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Bellinzona is the capital of canton Ticino. It is a nice Italian-speaking town. It is world-wide known for its three medieval castles which are together forming a UNESCO World Heritage Site . The biggest one is called, what a surprise, Castello Grande. It w...

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Lugano - Mt. San Salvatore
The next stop on our journey through Ticino will be the beautiful city of Lugano. This time we will not visit it by walking around - I will show it to you from bird-eye perspective. But since horses cannot fly, we will need to use the funicular to Mount San...

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Picnic for bikers
Finally, spring has arrived. It is still quite timid but the weather is nice enough to enjoy a good ride on a bike. Why don't you jump on yours and accompany me on a trip on the shore of the Zurich Lake. We have seen the Zurich Lake a number of times alread...

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When we arrived to Rotterdam my human secretary was really reluctant to go into downtown, telling me that visiting docks when it is getting dark is not a good idea. I had to use all my negotiation skills to persuade her to go. I hope you will enjoy those gl...
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