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Latest from the Chily blog: something on storytelling
The same rules we apply to storytelling can be applied to blogging, so here's a refresher on some of the things that make a story good.

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After a couple minor edits, Business2Community have approved my post on setting up a business

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Be better at the gift/curse that is email! See the extremely helpful, short, list of things to use liberally and avoid.

There are great things on both sides of the list. My key lessons is the first one on the Avoid list. Feedback. I'm going to work on that one. How about you?

h/t Kissmetrics.

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Something a bit different from +Matthew Woodward
Have you ever felt there is something standing in your way in life?

+John Chow says that success is an attitude anyone can adopt.

The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is they have opposite mindsets-

An unsuccessful person hates failure and does everything they can to avoid it.
A successful person thinks failure is great and is a requirement for success to learn & grow.

An unsuccessful person blames their misfortune on outside factors
A successful person blames themselves.

An unsuccessful person thinks jobs are safe and starting a business is risky.
A successful person thinks that a business is safe and jobs are risky.

An unsuccessful person takes.
A successful person gives.

When an unsuccessful wins the lottery, they end up bankrupt & poor again.
When a successful person loses everything, they have their riches back in a few years.

I fully agree, it is just a mindset.  Success is your decision.

The only thing standing in the way of your success, is you.

Success is an attitude anyone can adopt.

Do you have the attitude of a successful person or an unsuccessful person?

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Eat. Sleep. Create. Repeat.

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Very useful post shared by +Tadeusz Szewczyk

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Anyone got a few on this? It's the footer links on All Dennis properties are interlinked with follow links, which I thought was advised against, but it doesn't seem to be doing them any harm.

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If you are going to commit to the environment and pony up for a Tesla, you might as well go all the way and get the license plate....

PS: One sign that we live in a non-normal place is the sheer number of Teslas around us. So many!

PPS: In case you were curious, electric cars are an enormous amount of fun to drive. I love my Nissan Leaf. If you have not driven one, do test drive one. 
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