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Attended & spoke at Android Summit recently. Here's my recap

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Recap of Android Summit 2017
I recently attended and spoke at Android Summit , an Android conference organized by the folks at Capital One. Special shoutout to Jared A Sheehan, Michael Jones and the entire organizing committee for running a fabulous event which raised $6000 for Women w...

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Google I/O 2017 Recap: Things I learned
Google I/O 2017 was a lot of fun and informative. I wish I had Hermione's Time-Turner as there were many talks to attend and many amazing people to meet. Here are some things I learned at I/O: AI & Machine Learning This year, I/O was all about AI on every G...

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2016: Year In Review
I had a lot of professional growth goals this year and that included speaking, blogging and engaging my community more. I ended up doing a lot more in 2016 than 2015.  My goal for 2017 is to keep it simple and do less :) January Wrote abstracts for all the ...

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#NewToMe Series
Lately, I've been tinkering around with some new and old concepts in Android. Which got me thinking about creating a "#NewToMe" Series where I write about things I've learned while working on something new to me.  Some of the lessons learned are probably no...

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Leadership and Management Panel - ElaConf 2016
Recently I was a panelist on ElaConf's Leadership and Management Panel along with awesome tech bosses Alison Rowland , Caro Griffin and Alisha Miranda . The panel was moderated by Alisha who had crowd-sourced a great list of questions. The panel was for wom...

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Technical Blogging session at ElaConf 2016
This is probably going to be one of several blog posts related to ElaConf . It's a wonderful conference for empowering women in tech that took place in Philly for the second time recently. One of the breakout sessions at ElaConf was on Technical Blogging wh...

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Moderating my first panel - Ask an Android Developer
Every month at Android Alliance which I help organize, we have a monthly speaker and a few lightning talks. Someone in the Phillydev  Slack group's android-philly channel  suggested  doing a panel  for the June meetup. I have been a panelist before but this...

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I'm doing an AMA about Material Design for developers with AnDevCon Boston tomorrow May 27th. Check it out!
Join Yash Prabhu for a special session devoted to Google's Material Design Guidelines. Find out what Google has achieved by creating a consistent visual language across all its apps and devices, and how your app can benefit from implementing its UI/UX guidelines.

Sign up for the May 27th AMA and you can ask Yash questions about Material Design yourself, and find out whether or not its the right fit for you and your team's project. Design is becoming increasingly important, and as user's become more discerning, it can be the difference between the app they use once and the app they love.

Hope to see you there with us!
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