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John Moore
Three heads are more fun than one!
Three heads are more fun than one!

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Intimacy & Desire


- normal people have sexual desire problems
- there is always a low desire and a high desire partner. They are positions partners take in every relationship, whether about sex, intimacy, doing household chores, or visiting relatives.
- the low desire partner always controls sex

Why are you here? Don't you know is the new G+? :)

This is a great short article that highlights challenges and opportunities of EDTECH integration

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Is Google+ helping or hindering the Google "Do no Evil" promise?

I'd be interested to hear peoples views on this article. Are Google becoming "evil" or just re-inventing themselves for the Facebook/Twitter era?

Will Google Drive hit the cloud in 2012? If so what should it's feature set be? Here are some thoughts:

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I think a combination of boycott where you feel you can, contact those you can't and spread the word far and wide is an option for most of us. Hope it has an impact. Thanks +Colin Lucas-Mudd
SOPA—Boycott Not an Option
Unfortunately, unless one is to stop using credit cards, cease consuming movies, books, and music, withholding patronage from the supporters of SOPA is not an option. However, there are alternatives that may benefit from attention where possible. The list in the linked article may help those who understand and who care.

I’ve used this phrase multiple times in the past six months when writing on this topic; “Follow the Money.” A review of the list may help some of those for whom the furore seems to be ‘someone else’s problem.’

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My kits would be so happy to get one of these! We queued up for a cut price HP tablet but were 2 behind the last person to get one!

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Great! Just what I need - and I have some time over the holidays to read them all :)

Thanks +Grace Kutney
Great job search posts for 2011. (Excited to be included in the list!)

Got to go book shopping for my 10 y.o. son. He has read all the Harry Potters, Ric Riordans works, Star Wars, and most recently The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Any suggestions for what he might like?
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