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Martin Nangle
European Union, photojournalism, citizens wallpaper, dimension art of superstate, journalist
European Union, photojournalism, citizens wallpaper, dimension art of superstate, journalist

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The Isis Phenomenon: Sweden Looks Right
who know history understand well that none can win a war over another culture
while it exists in any shape or form. The
folly of the Bush administration to attack the Islamic world after 9/11 has
long been apparent. What wasn’t apparent is the scale o...

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Invitation to Exhibition: Excerpts From Extraordinary Journeys
May I invite you to view my photojournalism exhibition titled "Excerpts From Extraordinary Journeys". It opens Thursday 6 April 2017 at 15.00 hrs in ArtCetera Studio, 43b Rosemary street, Belfast BT1 1QB and runs till 20 April 2017.   Location :   https://g...

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EU Decline: Mists Lift off Brexit’s Pillars.
  "We are
leaving. We are coming out. We are not going to be a member of the EU any
longer," says the British PM. And so says the labour
opposition but in different words. “We are not wed to free movement” The mists surrounding the
pillars to uphold Brexit ...

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E.U. Decline; Italy Speaks: Rivoluzione Continua
Grown people know the world they live. Today’s world is
financial terrorism- neo-liberal internationalism – economic slavery.  It is called globalism; where living
standards are lowered in the rich west through a weapon named “Austerity” - in
order to incre...

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US Elections 2017: Trump’s America, Reality Anger in the USA.
An American dream becomes reality anger in the 2017 US
election. It is not an anger of violent rage. It is a contest within modern
augmented perceptions about two visions of the developed world. One side of the vision feels brow beaten by excessive

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EU Decline: Hungarian Referendum: A Counter-Revolution Against EU Federalists.
Hard border between Northern Ireland  (UK)  and the Republic of Ireland during the "Troubles." 1969 -1990. Hungary's  new border fences are the result of new troubles brought about by EU policy  over free movement of people. Image 1983 This EU project is le...

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EU Decline: National Populism Confronts Federalist Liberal Elitism.
Vehement federalists and former prime ministers of
Luxembourg and Belgium, Jean Claude Juncker (EU commission chief) and Guy
Verhofstadt (Federalist leader), speaking on behalf of the pro EU lobby
in the  Strasbourg  parliament (Week 37) looked despondent, ...

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Notes From Transylvania: Preserving the Continuity of Traditions; Maramures August 2016.
The deep
bellowing sounds of Maramures are projected into the moonlit sky. The
astoundingly beautiful natural amphitheatre of ‘Sus Pe Bradova’ in the hills
above the village of Barsana is sending messages from a concert fusing traditional
and contemporary m...

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Art of Superstate: Part Three
POST-BREXIT-Dismantling the European Union:  Remain Absorbs the Five Stages of Grief Simultaneously.   May 23rd 2016.
An article appeared in the Guardian newspaper under the heading How
will the Brexiteers react if they lose?
Expect bitterness and frustrati...

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Brexit E.U. Referendum is Won. Fallout is Bitter. Cooler Heads Are Waiting to Take the Lead.
It had to happen.  And
it did; democracy has stood up against the march of technocratic rule in
Europe. Loyalty to the EU’s Commission that has divided Europe is shattered. Sovereignty is restored to the British people; giving hope
to those in Europe who ar...
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