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Martin Nangle
European Union, photojournalism, citizens wallpaper, dimension art of superstate, journalist
European Union, photojournalism, citizens wallpaper, dimension art of superstate, journalist


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Abortion: Ireland Abortion Referendum: A Victory Celebration For Concern.
Abortion, one of the most polarising social and moral issues of modern times. Ireland recently voted to decriminalise the practice. Image Bucharest clinic 1990 from the series Post Communism.  So, what was so disturbing about the Ireland abortion

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Martin Nangle: Salisbury Exhibition. The Citizens Wallpaper and The Search for the Golden Lion.
Of all the Gallery joints in
all the towns in all the World, that Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his
daughter Yulia had to walk into the pizza place next door to my exhibition spot
at Gallery 4 Salisbury library on till April 30th 2018. Come and enjoy my ex...

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EU Crisis: Brexit Go Bragh 2018. Countdown To A New Beginning.
March 29 th 2018, It is exactly 365 days to the
date the UK leaves the European Union. 
Many divisions, recriminations, doubts, hopes, realisations, pros and cons
about the decision to leave the EU have dominated our society since the
historic vote in June ...

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Brexit 2017: A Very Machiavellian Game of Chicken
At the half way stage of this Brexit phenomena, it would not
be unfair to cite the negotiations as heading for a possible collapse as
attitudes harden across the table. The talks are becoming fraught. Tensions are rising. Leaders
playing this political game...

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Danke, Deutschland – Alternative Für Deutschland Party Thanks Supporters as it Breaks Through Twelve Percent .
Europe’s most
important EU member state, the all powerful resurgent Germany, gasps at the
surprise rise of the anti Euro and anti-immigration party Alternative für Deutschland.   The far right party won 94 seats in the September 2017 elections with 12.5% of...

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Brexit: Germany’s Quiet Coronation as Europe’s Undisputed Commander.
A fully recovered Germany from the horrors of the last century looks to resume its position on the world stage. It now surpasses Brussels  to speak and lead  on behalf of Europe with Chancellor Angela Merkel firmly in the driving seat.  Image: Dusseldorf Ge...

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The Isis Phenomenon: Sweden Looks Right
who know history understand well that none can win a war over another culture
while it exists in any shape or form. The
folly of the Bush administration to attack the Islamic world after 9/11 has
long been apparent. What wasn’t apparent is the scale o...

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Invitation to Exhibition: Excerpts From Extraordinary Journeys
May I invite you to view my photojournalism exhibition titled "Excerpts From Extraordinary Journeys". It opens Thursday 6 April 2017 at 15.00 hrs in ArtCetera Studio, 43b Rosemary street, Belfast BT1 1QB and runs till 20 April 2017.   Location :   https://g...

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EU Decline: Mists Lift off Brexit’s Pillars.
  "We are
leaving. We are coming out. We are not going to be a member of the EU any
longer," says the British PM. And so says the labour
opposition but in different words. “We are not wed to free movement” The mists surrounding the
pillars to uphold Brexit ...

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E.U. Decline; Italy Speaks: Rivoluzione Continua
Grown people know the world they live. Today’s world is
financial terrorism- neo-liberal internationalism – economic slavery.  It is called globalism; where living
standards are lowered in the rich west through a weapon named “Austerity” - in
order to incre...
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