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Kelcey Blanks
Lover of all things leopard print. I adore fashion, family and friends.
Lover of all things leopard print. I adore fashion, family and friends.

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Mean Girls 10-Year Anniversary
Ten years ago,
the world was introduced to the best and most quoted movie of our generation.
Of course, I’m talking about Mean Girls. The hit movie featured Lindsay Lohan,
Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and everyone’s favorite Gretchen Wieners (I
mean, doe...

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NYPD Twitter Hashtag Backfires
This week, the New York Police Department initiated a social media campaign to create buzz for the organization by
engaging its followers to use a hashtag. The NYPD asked its Twitter followers
to tweet pictures that they had alongside the New York City poli...

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Public Relations Disaster: US Airways Pornographic Tweet
This week, US
Airways stirred up major controversy when one of its employees tweeted out
a very disturbing and pornographic picture. This all came about after an
unsatisfied customer tweeted their disappointment over a flight to the
airlines. What happened ...

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Making Social Media Work for Your Brand
We all know about
it. We’ve all been taught how to use it throughout our entire college career.
We grew up in the generation where it was created. It’s social
media , of course. It’s
obsessive, addictive and sometimes incredibly dramatic (especially for me)...

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Public Relation’s Participation in April Fool’s Day Stunts
Fool’s Day is a celebrated national holiday in American where people play
hoaxes, stunts and pranks on one another. It is also on of the few days out of
the year that recognized brands and companies get to have a little fun with
customers and audience...

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Role of PR in Event Planning
an organization wants promote a new product, service or cause that it is
supporting, it does this by hosting an event. An event can be held in a variety
of ways, but the main idea is to provide information and fun to people within
an organization a...

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Public Relations: Becoming More Prepared for Security Breaches
It seems as
though breaching customers’ privacy is becoming more and more common for
companies. I was just one of the many Target customers who had credit card
information hacked between November and December of 2013. It is now being
reported that over 110 ...

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How to Act Professionally in the Business World
For my internship
class this week, I read “You Did What? Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make” by
Kim Zoller and Kelly Preston. The book was, for me, very enlightening to say
the least. The authors of the book wrote the book for people like me who are going

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Utilization of Infographics by PR Professionals
Although I had
mixed feelings going into this week’s class discussion topic of infographics, I
came out of it feeling relatively confident. I don’t consider myself to be very
design-oriented or creative when it comes to this type of work, so I was somewhat

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Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight Show and social media
The long awaited
Tonight Show takeover by Jimmy Fallon
took place on Monday, and Jimmy proved to the world exactly why he is the
perfect host. His infectious personality raked in about 11.3 million people for the premiere episode. The whole week
he has had ...
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