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高松先生の名刺 – Takamatsu Sensei's Meishi

棒術 柔體術 九段 髙松壽嗣

Moto Nihon minkoku seinen butokukai kaichō
Bōjutsu Jūtaijutsu kyudan Takamatsu Toshitsugu
Kukishin ryū shōbukyoku hanshi

The card states that Takamatsu Sensei was the former head of the Japanese Youth Martial Arts Association in China, listing both Bōjutsu and Jūtaijutsu, along with listing his rank as 9th dan. It also indicates that he was a hanshi (master teacher) of the Kukishin ryū shōbukyoku.

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「修業は人間形成に大きく貢献する。なぜなら、人間は正しい修業を習慣づけることによって、その人の個性、媒材を変えることができるからである。」- 初見先生

“Training greatly effects the molding of character. By making it a custom to train correctly, a person can change his personality and integrity” – Hatsumi Sensei

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Hatsumi Masaaki 
Kaiden sōke dan menkyo-su. 
Shōwa sanjūnananen sangatsu jūninichi 
Kukishin-ryū bujutsu sōke 
Kōdō senyōkai shōbuyoku 
Sōsai jūsanmi shishaku Kuki Takaharu 
Shihan Takamatsu Toshitsugu

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「立派なにつき、一生懸命修業すれば立派な武人になれるが、武道屋についた場合は真の武道を悟ることなどとうていおぼつかない。」- 初見先生

“Having an exceptional teacher and training diligently allows you to become an exemplary warrior, but it is almost impossible for you to learn true budō if your teacher is only doing his teaching as an occupation.” – Hatsumi Sensei

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“The martial way is about not giving up, and therein lies the secret.” – Takamatsu Sensei

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“Many people believe that knowledge is enough, but knowledge without courage ultimately leads to foolishness.” – Hatsumi Sensei

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“When you practice you must understand completely the essence of the names of the techniques. This is true not only of Gyokko Ryū but of all the schools of Budō” – Hatsumi Sensei

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“Don’t hesitate and don’t hold back. In a real confrontation, if you do, you die” – Hatsumi Sensei

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“From now on you must strive to cut out unnecessary movement. Waste in movement is wrong and will get you killed.” –  Hatsumi Sensei

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“It’s very important that when you study martial arts you don’t be stupid about your training…it’s very important from now on that you realise that martial arts is something that you’re putting your life on the line for, otherwise your martial arts will only go half way and you will as well.” –  Hatsumi Sensei
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