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Loepie Alexandra
I'm just a ordinary girl :) nothing special.. Just to be me
I'm just a ordinary girl :) nothing special.. Just to be me

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Boys and Girls Can Be Best Friends
[Source Image from : ] Saya sengaja menulis tentang ini dalam bahasa Indonesia. Karena sepertinya kebanyakan orang Indonesia lebih sering salah mengartikan 'persahabatan dengan ...

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[ Source Image from : ] Actually, since I was a child, I love to write a diary. The most stimulating times of writing is, when I was starting to fell in love for the first time. It was when I was aged 23 years old, it was my first...

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Don't Be Beautiful
There are a lot of things that makes me interested in this quote from Nikita Gill. I try to write what I understand from this quote. There's many out there, girls and women who are competing to be beautiful and sexy. It’s not a rare, they do a lot of crazy ...

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The Avengers NKRI - Perbedaan Kita adalah Jendela Dunia
[Sumber Foto : me] Entah kenapa saya ingin menulis tentang ini. Saya sedih belakangan banyak sekali permasalahan yang terjadi di negeri tercinta Indonesia, karena sesuatu yang sebenarnya tidak penting sih menurut saya. Sampai terjadi beberapa perpecahan bai...

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[ Source Image from : ] Do you know what waiting meant? Waiting is the most uncomfortable state ever It hurts.. It’s annoying It aggravate us Especially when I have to wait for you Without certainty Without clarity Without any words.. But....

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Dear Diary - Part 2
[ Source Image from : ] Dear Diary, Bali It’s been 9 months I’m living in Bali, yeah.. 9 months far from all the ordinary..., far from family.., far from friends.. Especially when I’...

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Dear My Bestfriend Capricorn Woman
[ Source Image from : ] Dear My Best Friend Capricorn, Evelyn Actually, we known each other just recently, it's just a few months since we first met, but somehow as a Scorpio, I kinda get the right chemist...

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Cinta dan Rahasia - Yura Yunita feat Glen Fedly
[ Source Image from : ] Terakhir kutatap mata indahmu Dibawah bintang bintang Terbelah hatiku Antara cinta dan rahasia Ku cinta pada mu namun kau milik Sahabatku dilema Hatiku Andai ku bisa berkata sejujurnya Jangan kau pilih dia Pilihlah aku...

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Falling in Love with Rain
[ Source Image from : ] I'm starting to fall in love with the rain since I know him. You know why? Because rain is a proof of a sacrifice. Not everyone knows, even maybe a lot of peop...

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Dear My Bestfriend Aries
Dear My Best Friend Aries, Faiz Tyo [ Source Image from : ] I don't know how to say this, but it turns out that our friendship for 15 years really does become meaningfull. You always try to make me stand up and strong, you're the one that ...
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