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Zanimivo tale #TaiChi, še posebej za starejše, ki ne prenesejo večje fizične obremenitve.

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Groza kaj prodajajo oz. kaj kupujemo :(
Zanimiva objava na temo dokumentarca predvajanega na +RTV Slovenija.

Bomo zaradi drugačnega načina življenja tudi v Sloveniji jedli čedalje več umetne hrane?

Zvijače prehrambene industrije so res dobre!

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Windows 9 Start Menu Leaks

Here's a video of the new, redesigned Start Menu for Windows 9. As you can see, it's a combination of the Windows 8.x Start Page and the Windows 7/Vista Start Menu. The menu mixes traditional settings and apps along with metro (modern) apps. In my opinion, it's not bad and it's better than the current abomination.

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Great post from +Moz  about influence of #HTTPS protocol for #SEO . Also few #tips from best practise.

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Great reading about #UX or as they say customer expirience. 

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Čeprav bi tudi Moto X bil za preizkusit ...
I choose you, Moto X.

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Nice :) Did you ask yourself, if the #programmers build a plane, how that would be? 

Check this video, must to see :) #UX #Funny 

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And Like That...Google Authorship Is Gone

Great idea. Good run. Get 'em next time. 

Here's the rundown of what Google Authorship aimed to accomplish, why it didn't last, and what could be next from Google by +Eric Enge & +Mark Traphagen:

It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results 

One thing to remember is that ideas get better through iteration. What failed now, could be a great success in a new form in the near future because of the "Authorship experiment". 

#googleproducts   #googlesearch   #googleserps   #searchengineoptimization  
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