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I'm assuming this makes sense to you :)
Ever met someone who uses UX and UI interchangeably? Ed Lea created this photographic infographic to visually define the differences between user experience and user interface design and how they rela...
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It's a bit of a stretch but I'm still down with the analogy (not a metaphor :).

I've always said users don't use computers (hardare) but rather software. Software uses computers. UI is the presentation of software to users which is a combination of human factors including ergonomics, information architecture, cognitive design, etc.

UX is a higher level representation that includes UI along with other aspects including the message (content), context, delivery mechanism (channel(s)), brand, etc.

At some point, in a marketing communications capacity, this can escalate to a brand experience, whether commercial, personal or other capacity. It becomes integral to the emotional experience the user is having with who or whatever is presenting the service.
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