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Carl Lipo
Author, Archaeologist, Professor and Scallywag
Author, Archaeologist, Professor and Scallywag

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Darwin Day: Integrating Evolution and People
In honor of Darwin Day, I offer a lecture given by my late advisor, Robert C. Dunnell (RCD).  RCD delivered this lecture at Mississippi State University on 15 April 2009. It provide a bit of insight into his perspective on evolution but also a great overvie...

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Wow. This is amazing. For a fantastic view of the earth’s global weather patterns (computer model updated every three hours), ocean surface currents (updated every five days), ocean temps (updated daily), ocean waves (updated every 3 hours), airborne partic...

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Evolutionary Research and Graduate Programs at Binghamton University... Interested?
Now that I have landed at Binghamton University, I am looking forward to working with graduate students who are interested in pursuing a PhD in evolution-based research focusing on the archaeological record and/or historical and contemporary data. Ideal stu...

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Big Move!
Over the summer, I departed the sunny shores of Long Beach (and had to put my surfboards into sad storage). I am happy to report that I have landed at the shores of the beautiful campus of Binghamton University !. For those of you who do not know where Bing...

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Great way to start using R...

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QGIS Tutorial Links
With the release of  QGIS 2.0 (and greater) , this open source project has become a serious contender for a full-blown GIS solution that covers nearly all of the necessary features found in  ArcGIS  but at a reasonable price (free!). I’ve started to use QGI...
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