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Nika Stewart
Ghost Tweeter: helping others share their inspiring stories and increase online visibility
Ghost Tweeter: helping others share their inspiring stories and increase online visibility

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Great case study for authors and entrepreneurs looking to promote their book...

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What do you think of this news?

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Isn't it great when the work you do really helps other people?

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Oh no! I've been pronouncing it wrong!!

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While there are purists who renounce any type of automation, time-saving tools are a perfect solution for those of us who are building a business, caring for a family, and hoping for a few hours of sleep each night.  Don’t be afraid to save time.  It is not essential that you manually enter every post – especially the posts that are part of your core and need to be repeated regularly. #socialmediastrategy  

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h/t +Chantal Bechervaise 
If great content is put out to the right audience, it's always a win.

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Over 200 Stats That Prove Content Marketing Is Here to Stay

97% of major brands tweeted in 2013, up from 90% in 2012.

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h/t +Dustin W. Stout 
This is always good to have on hand--the correct sizes for your social media images.  The current   correct sizes that is.

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The Only Social Media Image Sizes You Need
Free downloadable blueprints!

There's lots of infographics and such telling you the exact sizes for social media images. You know the biggest problem though? They're all too complicated.

So I've come up with these free downloadable templates that make creating optimized images for every social network dead simple.

Download the blueprints yourself here:

Exciting news! I just found out I will be on Working Woman Report tonight - 8:30 pm Eastern. Check it out on the NYClife channel (channel 22 on Cablevision, & 25 on most other systems).

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