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Paul Morrison Cristi
Paul Morrison Cristi - Programador de sistemas y/o analista programador computacional.
Paul Morrison Cristi - Programador de sistemas y/o analista programador computacional.

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Phasing Out Max CPA Bidding in Conversion Optimizer
_ Switch to Target CPA or Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) _
Over the last several quarters, we've been spending a lot of time talking to advertisers about automated bidding to better understand what’s working and what's not. Based on our insights, we’ve significantly improved the flexibility and sophistication of the free automated bidding tools available in AdWords ( 

As we've been adding new bidding tools, we've also been looking to see where we can trim any obsolete features. That's why we've decided to phase out the Max CPA bidding option in Conversion Optimizer. Target CPA and Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) are better options. 

Target CPA: Target CPA (in Conversion Optimizer or as a flexible bidding strategy) does exactly what most people expect: It gets the most conversions possible while achieving an average CPA target. If your business sees fairly consistent value per conversion, then you can set and tune your Target CPA to a level that meets your profit and conversion volume goals.  
Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): If your conversion values vary quite a bit from one customer to the next, then we recommend using the new Target ROAS strategy ( Target ROAS is a powerful flexible bidding strategy that lets you directly maximize revenue while maintaining a target return on ad spend (for example, a 7:1 ratio of revenue to cost). 

We've talked to many advertisers who’ve been seeking maximum conversion volume at or below a certain average CPA target – but they've been using Max CPA. If they were to simply switch from Max CPA to Target CPA, they'd see an average of 26% more conversions at or below what they're willing to pay.
We’ve also talked to some advertisers that want to maximize profit, but they've been using Max CPA. Maximizing profit requires testing different CPA levels to find the best balance of conversion volume and profit per conversion. You can accomplish the same thing with Target CPA, and it's easier since the CPA that you set and the actual CPA that you get are much closer than with Max CPA. Already tested and found an optimum Max CPA for your campaigns? Just set a Target CPA for each ad group equal to the average CPA they were hitting before, and you should see at least as many conversions as you had previously at the same average CPA (subject to ordinary variance resulting from competition and user query changes).

For step-by-step instructions on switching from Max CPA to Target CPA, check out this article in our Help Center ( 

In January 2014, we'll be removing the ability to activate Max CPA bidding in a campaign that uses Conversion Optimizer. And starting in late Q1 2014, we'll begin automatically switching campaigns still using Max CPA over to Target CPA bidding. In addition, the latest AdWords API v201309 does not allow the activation of Max CPA bidding. 

If you’re using any of our bid optimization tools, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please complete our short survey here:

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El Dr. Brian Berry de los Estados Unidos ha encontrado un nuevo cáncer en los seres humanos, causado por Nitro óxido de plata. Cada vez que usted compra tarjetas de recarga, no lo rasque con las uñas, ya que contiene recubrimiento de Nitro óxido de plata y puede causar cáncer de piel. Comparte este mensaje con tus seres queridos.
Consejos importantes de salud:
1. Conteste las llamadas de teléfono con el oído izquierdo.
2. No tome su medicamento con agua fría ....
3. No coma comidas pesadas después de las 17:00 PM.
4. Beba más agua por la mañana, menos por la noche.
5. La mejor hora para dormir es 10 p.m.-04 a.m..
6. No se acueste inmediatamente después de tomar el medicamento o después de las comidas.
7. Cuando la batería del teléfono está baja, la última barra, no contestar el teléfono, la radiación es 1.000 veces más fuerte.
¿Puedes compartir esto a la gente que te importa?
Yo lo acabo de hacer,
La Amabilidad no cuesta nada..

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La pesadilla o el sueño de muchos, según tendencias... jejejeee
Cuidado con el Jabon Ja,ja,ja,ja
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Anche questa è divertente! :)) P.s: Oggi mi sento in vena..!:)
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Algunas jugadas con el nuevo FIFA 2014 para iPad:

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En Irán sería considerado un pecado el uso de #Facebook  y #Twitter :

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The Grey emerges onto the desert playa... just another day at Burning Man... I have all the hi-res photos btw at  #BurningMan

This is the amazing son of the amazing +Cliff Baise who has some crazy-ass DNA.

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