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Please. Stop calling Substratum, OMS. Substratum is not OMS. It is based on OMS for theming capabilities. OMS is a service/framework. Not a theme engine. Substratum is a theme engine. With OMS commits on Lineage's gerrit, that doesn't mean they're going the Substratum route. Lineage is making their own OMS based theme engine, just like the Substratum team did.

OMS was not made by the Substratum team nor was it made by the Lineage team. It was made by Sony. Hope this clears up a lot of confusion I've noticed these past couple of days.

I encourage people to read and stay informed before misinforming others

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HUGE thanks to +Ivan Iskandar​ for the Substratum commits and +Randall Rushing​ for the platform commits!

P.S. Look at the last pic.
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This is the reason why I can't get anything done 😂 I just found this game on the Play store, love it.

Building Angler manually and going to upload it manually since the server didn't 😂. Also before you addicts comment "what about xxx device?" I promise I'll get to it once I get to it :P

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Ok I know that many times over, the staff has mentioned that we will be going with CMTE/Lineage Theme Engine or whatever it's going to be called, but we've decided that we want to leave it up to you, the community to decide which Theme Engine we will go with in the future. So it's time to decide 😂

Let me first layout the basics/ Pros and Cons for both Theme Engines.

Pros for OMS:
+ Theme application without reboot with full OMS implementation
+ Growing number of themes on Google Play
+ Easy application of themes
+ Customization of almost all elements in Android and no sluggish features

Cons for OMS:
+ Sometimes confusing interface/not user-friendly for non-tech savy users
+ Still growing amount of themes

Pros for CMTE/LineageOS Theme Engine:
+ Simple interface
+ Huge theme base
+ Generally stable

Cons for CMTE/LineageOS Theme Engine
+ Hasn't been updated since Nougat came out
+ Many devs moving over to OMS
+ To simple at times
+ Hasn't been released yet

Now I'd like to say personally I am not biased to one Theme Engine or the other I'm open to all sorts of suggestions on which Theme Engine we should choose and other things. So let us know which one you'd like.
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CMTE/LineageOS Theme Engine

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CypherOS 3.5.1 Release 2

Holiday's are pretty much over. So it's time to get back to work! This is the first maintenance release of our Jamocha rollouts.

This is release contains several bug fixes and improvements across the board, including devices. Since this is a maintenance release, the main focus was just that. Squashing bugs, removing or adding important things to improve the experience as a whole.

What We've Done

We have moved several packages over to our local GitHub. Since CM's departure and rebirth, we decided to do some reconstructing of our own. For all of those that are confused, once again we are not a CM based ROM. Just because we have a app from CM or a feature from CM, that does not mean we're based on them. Android is open source, ROMs are open source. Features and apps are available for anyone to use. That does not dictate whether they're based on said rom or not. Most ROM's utilize DUI, does that make them DU based? No. This whole CM/AOSP based nonsense should not still be a "Thing". Anyone that takes 5 mins and look at our gerrit, can realize we're full fledged AOSP with additions from CAF.

What's in store for 2017?

Everything! We bring up up tons of new ideas and new ways to improve. We want to focus more on polish, instead of features. Everything we currently have is useful by day to day members. We will add in whatever features are necessary, but we're not a feature rich ROM. Never have been, never will be. There's tons of ROMs available that offer all of the features you can possibly have.

Our new OTA system is in full affect, starting with 3.5.1. Users may update from 3.5 via OTA, but it's recommended to clean flash and utilize OTA's from here on forward. We're working on a new system where not all devices have to receive an update at the same time. If there's an issue with insert device here we can merge a patch or 2 and push put a quick patch release for that device only. This becomes useful for devices that may generate issues with a specific release, instead of making users wait for long periods of time to get a fix. We're also working on new applications behind the scenes, such as a File Manager, Music app, Audio equalizer, and more.

Builds are still rolling out so please be patient

Get your builds at:

You can get a brief list of what's new at #JoinTheCypher #Cypher2017 #StayClean

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Just resharing for Char
Report this community for sexually explicit spam and leave, that's what I did. Have a Happy New Year in another community. Cheers 🍻
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Merry Christmas everyone, I'm so glad that I got to stay with this team and be apart of this community. We've come a long while and I'm glad that we've grown. Anyway merry Christmas again and hope you all have a good day.

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CypherOS 3.5 Release 1

This update includes a slight overhaul of CypherOS. We've introduced a new framework based system for future additions, as well as highly requested features. This update also includes Android 7.1.1 Release 6, as well as the December security patches.

We know we announced awhile back that 4.0 would be the next update, but after a small discussion, we've decided to work on 4.0 privately and include 4.0 refinements in our 3.5 updates and future releases. Each maintenance release will include small refinements to the system, such as new UI elements and UX improvements. As this is our first release, expect minor issues. These will be addressed in future maintenance releases.

Devices have also been updated to reflect 7.1.1 changes, mainly regarding sepolicy and audio/camera patches. We want to welcome several new devices to the CypherOS family. These devices include:

LG G3 D855
LG Nexus 4 Mako
HTC 10 pme
Moto G Titan
Moto E Condor
Redmi Note 3 Kenzo
and for the first tablet the, Nexus 7 2013 Flo

Nexus users must update their Bootloader, and Radio as well as vendor if not done already, to the latest versions from the factory image. We wanted to hold out for our new bootanimation, but due to time constraints, it will be included in a future update. For those of you that aren't aware, we now have our own battery styles, we've also included a pulse animation for the 3 circle based icons, that only animate when charging. We've also introduced a new dialog framework called, Smart Dialogs. These dialogs are present a small sheet that slides from the bottom when activated. A beautiful design and productive layout to make alerts non-intrusive. So far, smart dialogs are only present for the Developer settings activation. More will be utilized in future updates.

We're also working on a new Easter Egg behind the scenes, so stay tuned for that as well. There's so much more we wanted to include in this update, but due to the Holiday's, we simply haven't had the time. Development will rapidly resume after the Holday season.

Builds are still rolling out so be patient.

Get your build at:


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