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Fractals? My image from the launch of Apollo 17, and one that appeared in the flow today, a dying Star, similar to Sol, as seen by Hubble... did not touch up either pic... photo oil finished in 2009 from my 1973 color transparency, Star HD 44179 Credit: ESA/Hubble, NASA, they say, is venting as it expires, with dust helping to create the effect... I sure didn't work that hard...
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lol... "finished in 2009". And I thought I was good at taking my own sweet time :D
as a matter of fact, my bud Mickey Collins started a Procrastinator's Club in Mel Beach back in 1971, but still haven't received the app in the mail yet... believe it or not, the digital image from the transparency of this had to go to Gainesville to be transfered to my B & W film... quite a journey across time and space :D
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