To all Google Apps Developer Challenge Developers!

The submission window for the Google Apps Developer Challenge will be open from the 25th of July 2012 to the 24th of August 2012. Here are a few things you should take note of :
• You will be submitting the publicly accessible URL to your app. Bear in mind that the judges will be logging into your app using their demo Google account.
• Have a brief description of your app ready. This description should be written in English and should contain the following:
⁃ The name of your app and what it does
⁃ How to use your app. Remember that the person judging your app has never seen it before. The description should include brief instructions on how to navigate the app
⁃ What technologies you used : Programming Languages, Google APIs etc
• Note that it should be possible for the judge to quickly verify that your apps does everything you claim that it does in your description.
• If you are a student (or student team) be sure to have your student email address(es) and website from your official university domain available as we will use this information to confirm your student status. If you do not have your official student email address and website, you cannot be considered under the student category (eg, .edu, .ac account)
• Take special note of the Google Apps / Drive or Apps Script APIs that you used in building your product as you will be asked to indicate these APIs during submission
• Also, take note of other Google APIs and Platforms used (e.g. Google+, Maps, YouTube , App Engine etc) as you will be asked to indicate these APIs during submission as well
• Note that the developer’s identity will not be known to the judges. The judges will only be looking at the functionality of the application 

Also make it a date for the hangout on air that will be holding on the 26th of July to go over some of these points.


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