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Sabrina Faire
Life might not be the party we hoped for but as long as we're here we might as well dance!
Life might not be the party we hoped for but as long as we're here we might as well dance!

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All I'm Asking, Is For a Little Respect
One of the reasons I write is that it gets stuff out of my head.  It allows my brain to be quiet and I can focus on the important things in my world. If thoughts keep rolling around in my head it's because I feel very strongly about something or I'm trying ...

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Turning It Off and On Again...
or Ctrl+Alt+Delete (aka the "Three Fingered Salute"). Anyway. One thing that makes me cringe is when I see my friends' relationship drama play out across social media. I see people meeting, dating, becoming seriously involved (whatever that means to those p...

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Farewell 2016!

As the New Year is just around the corner, I have plenty to be thankful for from the last 12 months.

-I am healthy (as I can be considering my wacky heart/thyroid).
-My children are happy and healthy and continue to make me proud at what awesome, talented and truly great people they are.
-I have a job I love and the best clients (and a part time job I find pretty interesting).
-I have a chosen family who make my world a better place to be loved and appreciated by fantastic people. And I was basically adopted into my Spider-Man's family (and that makes me happy because they are wonderful people).
-Almost every day I have at least a few things to be happy about despite the frustrations life throws at me.

Also, I spent the year working on two new projects for my business, making some new friends, traveling WA state, going on 2 cruises, a trip to Vegas, hitting the dance floor with friends (which I plan to do more of in 2017), seeing countless concerts - a few in legendary venues - and meeting lots of musicians (and cracking a few up), and I only went to the emergency room twice, and hopefully making the world a little bit of a better place on occasion!

So.... I hope you all have at least a few happy memories from what was a crazy year in general!

Happy New Year!


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But as master Yoda said: "Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is.”

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Beauty and the Eye of the Beholder
Video blog!  I will summarize a few things I said below... On a scale of 1-100% (perfection), How Important is Physical Attractiveness in Dating? I found this great article on how important is being physically attracted to someone you're dating. It's worth ...

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Vanity Kills
Part of what makes me awesome and also aggravating is that I pay attention to EVERYTHING. It's actually annoys me at times. And it's because of those personality traits that it makes it hard for me to trust and be comfortable in a relationship - and it take...

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"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."
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Heading to LA with my favorite musician to do some headbanging and cruise to Mexico...


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I love this so hard. 
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