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I would like to verify my business page, how would I go about this

Good morning.   I look forward to participating in the group.

Hello all and thank you for the invite.  I am one of only a few men here in this group.    I will have more details about me in later posts.   Happy New Year from beautiful Boston #bostonstrong  

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Then maybe Santa wouldn't need his VA's.  Cute!

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Totally agree with you, I am now checking mine in AM , just after lunch and just before shutting down.

Hello there. Glad to be part of this group.

Hello there. I am John Hardy from Boston.  My niche would be real estate and coaching. I am a certified Microsoft Office specialist.

Hello everyone.   Here is one of my top 5 tools for business.  I am using WiseStamp which allows for you to add a signature to your email account. Free version, you get 2 ( either business or personal) and there is also a paid version.

Good morning ,everyone.    Thursday evening at 6:30 pm EDT , I will be hosting a hangout for this group.    I am possibly going to be a moderator for the entire group in the fall.     To get a head start on knowing everyone, it was suggested that I host a couple of hangouts this summer.     Since only 10 people can be on a hangout, the first ten to commit will be able to attend.    There will not be a hangout on Friday.  There will be a second one in August and a formal one in September.   Anyone who attends either of the two this summer will not need to go to the one in the fall.    It is 6:30EDT, so you need to adjust for your time zone if not EDT Definites I have now are +Mark Pierce and +JudyAnn Lorenz .  You will have until Thursday afternoon to sign up.   ( preferably before that).   At that time, I will post more details ,and a list of the 10 people.

Sign up sheet for Hangouts

7/18  6:30 PM
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