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Ever get that "not so white trash" feeling? Simple remedy. Put on a pair of pajama pants and go out in public, you lazy shit.
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Haha! I was standing on my pouch in pajama pants when I read this... Pajama pants and a leather jacket... And slippers.
But you never actually left the house wearing them did you? Standing on your porch is one thing. Grocery shopping is another. Whats even better is topping off pajama pants with one of those old ass "gangster" pose Warner Bros characters shirts. Thats some hot shit ride there. Reprazent that trailer park!
Haha. Funny shit. Just got an email while typing the last comment. I opened it when i finished and it was from Ebay Fasion. Titled "Sean, what to wear, everywhere". I should see if i can find some pj pants and warner bros tshirts so i can be trailer fabulous. 
Hehehe.. flannel P.J.'s are super comfortable IMHO.
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