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Asked 4 MTs to make mock feasibility report for startups. Results
B1:Flipkart model
B2:Coffee shops
G1:Cosmetic import
G2:Mfg selfie sticks

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Sunny Leone: “Meri Next Movie horror he"

Little boy: “Darr Toh Aapki Pehle Ki Movies me b Lagta Tha, Kahi Peechhe Se Mummy Papa Na Aa Jaaye

At a signal, idiot driving a car came out with keys inside & autolocked did its job,now a massive jam. No prize for guessing driver's gender

Judge hearing divorce case of a friend tells "Tere favor mein faisla doonga to mere ghar ke baahar protest hoga"

Naare lagate hain sabhi inqalaab ka aakrosh mein.
Sab chahte hain phir paida ho ek Bhagat Singh magar pados mein.

An AAP insider told me, AK knows that Rakhi Bidlan was taking the Scorpio as bribe. Yet he took no action because she is a loyalist.

At a cafe
Bunch of pretty, sexy gals - So what if we wear shorts, nobody can judge us
A girl enters in shalwar kameez
''Dekh behnji ayi"

Modi ji ke 7000 wale gifted suit ko 1000000 batane wale Sri yugpurush apne party ke mla rakhi birla ko gift kiya hue 15 lakh ke Scorpio pe maun hai....

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