Asking out to the interweb...  I have a Windows 7 Media Desktop (slimline eeePC) and I want to run an application to Index and Play Movies / TV shows that I have on an External Harddrive.

SO Boxee used to be great, but the PC version has been withdrawn for some time. Boxee just worked, it was a point and click app that was easy to navigate, simple, streamed anything (including 1080p on windows intel atom media pc)

-I've tried XBMC and it seemed Ok, though the menu options seem mental, and recently I cleaned up a number of file names and despite having the option of re-index on restart of the programme it left all the Movie Covers in the library and ever time I clicked on one it said it could not be found.  So I deleted the DB from the profile folder in Windows Explorer and now it won't index at all!

-I tried PLEX but for that you need to install the Media Server aswell as the Media Centre to run it on a computer as a Library and Player. I told the Server to update library, left it for 20mins and there was nothing in my player... so I went through preferences and added the file locations, left that for a while and I could browse the folder structure but there was no sight of any IMDB info or movie covers.

- I had a look at Windows Media Centre the Windows 7 built in App and after telling it where my files were, left it for 20mins and it's loaded them... into Movies. But they are rubbish tiles with word on and no film info, and despite adding a folder under Recorded TV, the TV menu is empty.

SO Internet  *can someone suggest a Good, Simple, Robust, Media Centre Windows Application* that I can install, point at my 2 Terabyte USB 3 Hard drive and say there's the Movies Folder, there's the TV folder - Index, title with basic info and a pic, and occasionally do an auto refresh and keep up to date.
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