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Zehra Zawawi
Pakistani by birth, Fijian at heart
Pakistani by birth, Fijian at heart


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Hi Friends, an excellent way to open up new possibilities.

Throughout this week Lead International will be focusing on our upcoming deadline for our Leadership for Sustainability (formerly LEAD Europe) programme. The DEADLINE is Monday 20th January.

We're asking for your help to push the message out to all fantastic applicants who would make great additions to the Lead family.

Many thanks,

#Lead #sustainability

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Inviting Fellows to become Lead Ambassadors

Our fellows, individually and collectively, are the most vivid testament of our impact in the world. The network has always presented us with a superb platform to achieve more. The OneLead and Fellows Network surveys reconfirmed the fellows' willingness and determination to work with us to build a more sustainable world.
Today we would like to focus on an exciting development which has been one of the top suggestions by fellows: the appointment of Lead Ambassadors around the world to supplement our reach and strengthen our capacity to engage our global community.
Based on the experience of other diverse and geographically spread networks, we want to use initiatives like this to empower the fellows' network. By appointing Lead Ambassadors in strategic locations, we will be creating platforms for our community to maintain an active and lifelong connection with Lead through local and self-organised groups, events and initiatives.
The rationale for the appointment of Lead Ambassadors is outlined below. We are keen to maintain the momentum of this exciting initiative, so please consider this concept and feed back your thoughts and ideas as soon as you are able to. You can address your feedback to
What are the key goals of the Lead Ambassadors initiative?
1. Supplement our reach and capacity to engage our global community of Fellows.
2. Build a critical mass of news and activities to energise our community.
3. Create a platform for more local activities and initiatives to emerge (eg. meetings and events).
What are the responsibilities of Lead Ambassadors?

- Be a resourceful point of contact for Lead fellows and associates in your country.
- Organise and coordinate social activities and events according to the interests of the local Fellows network.
- Source local news and information about organised activities (pictures, events reports, etc) for Lead International and Member Programmes where applicable.
- Exchange and disseminate information about Lead initiatives and development to Fellows and vice versa.
- Share information about your experience at Lead with current and prospective Fellows.
- Comply with LEAD's statutory obligations in respect of data protection and other LEAD policies as requested.


- Source testimonials, quotes and interviews and updated information on Fellows current work.
- Help our international and local staff at Cohort training recruitment events.
- Advise on opportunities for strategic partnerships and activities in your country.
- Offer advice to other Fellows moving to your country.

What are person specifications and requirements?

- A vested interest in its past, present and future
- Strong interpersonal skills and a desire to meet and communicate with Fellows from any background
- Self-motivated with the ability to use own initiative
- A commitment to organising at least one Lead event per quarter
- Experience of membership group administration and/or event organisation is an advantage.

What are the benefits for the individual?

- Unique opportunity to contribute to Lead's community and help shape its future.
- Enjoy the value of representing a widely respected international organisation.
- Take advantage of a privileged position to expand your personal network
- Create opportunities to socialise with new, like minded people and reunite with old friends
- Enhance your CV with a range of valuable new skills, experience and responsibilities.

The time commitment involved in this role will vary depending on the number of fellows in your area and the extent to which the Fellows want to encourage activity locally.
What are the locations we want to recruit Lead Ambassadors for?
The ultimate number of Lead Ambassadors and locations covered will depend on the number of individuals who expressed an interest on taking the role and their suitability for it. However, after having carefully reviewed our data on Fellows numbers by nation, we would like to initially target countries with a substantial number of Fellows including countries with Member Programmes.
Below, you will see a final list of the "desired" locations.
1. UK
2. Russia
3. Netherlands
4. Switzerland
1. US
2. Canada
3. Mexico
4. Brazil
1. Japan
2. China
3. India
4. Indonesia
5. Pakistan
1. South Africa
2. Nigeria
3. Malawi
4. Tanzania
5. Zimbabwe
6. Senegal
How to nominate
We invite you to a) put your name forward as a candidate to become a Lead Ambassador or b) to nominate a fellow; someone who you feel is a worthy candidate and meets the criteria outlined above; someone who would make a positive contribution to our global community. Please forward your application or nomination by email, before 30 November, to
Should we receive nominations for more than one candidate per country, a shortlist will be drawn up for consideration and discussion with the appropriate Member Programme and a final selection will be made on the merit of the nominees.

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Hi Guys, I recently helped a friend in Tanzania by creating a social media. I wanted to share this page with you to enjoy the beautiful wildlife of Tanzania. Hope you like it.

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Hi guys, how about vacations in Tanzania. A friend of mine is doing an amazing job in Eco-tours. Here is the Facebook link

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HELLO Guys, I am helping a friend with Social media who is running eco-tours in the beautiful country Tanzania.  Would appreciate your kindness in liking the page to support conservation.

Here is the page. #Eco-tours #Eco-travel #conservation #communities #peace #ecotourism  

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Tristram Stuart explains food waste scandal. #foodwaste  

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Food waste footprint. A video by FAO.

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