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Coffee Bean v. Starbucks: Why the Bean Doesn't Stand a Chance

I just dropped by Coffee Bean to buy a cup of joe and pound out a blog post.

Here’s a screenshot of Coffee Bean’s WiFi access page.

So let me get this straight …
1. Coffee Bean has taken it upon itself to school me. I’m a customer … I don’t need lectures on WiFi etiquette, sharing tables, or storing my power cards. Rather than trying to teach me good manners, how about Coffee Bean focuses on coffee,muffins, and creating a pleasant customer experience?

2. This brings me to my next point. I’ve secured a table and have my cup of coffee, and now I have to walk around and find the “Ripple TV” so that I can locate an access code, which I then have to memorize so that I can enter it when prompted on my laptop. Seriously? Coffee shops across the globe have figured out how to provide WiFi access to their customers without making them walk around and find a Ripple TV. What does a Ripple TV look like? And what am I going to do with my stuff while I try to find it?

3. Then I find out that after two hours, I should log off and join the real world. In fact, Coffee Bean is going to force me to log off so that I can have a ten-minute coffee break. Okay, Mom ... what’s next? Are you going to put me in “time out” if I don’t eat my veggies?

I'm done with Coffee Bean. Where is the next Starbucks?

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The Money Girl is ON IT! Great article, great tips, PLUS, this is the easiest way to never be late on another bill again!
Find out how to use online banking to simplify your financial life, take the hassle out of paying bills, and save money! Read the blog or listen to the podcast:

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this is nice....
+Guy Kawasaki and others just shared the Complete G+ Cheatsheet Infographic on Alltops, but the image must have been hosted on a free server because its down/not showing up anymore. I uploaded it here if you're trying to get it: And here's an even bigger version (I did not host, so hope it stays up!): Thanks to a suggestion below, I made a third copy at a cool image hosting service:

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Google+ business will be a game changer compared to Facebook's Fan Pages. This article points out the trend in social video growth, which can have a direct impact on your business.

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Being organized saves time, time saved is like money in the bank:

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how great is this video?....
Speaking of photos, some people are annoyed by .GIFs on G+ -- Here's a G+ / Chrome extension that will hide .GIFs from your stream! Check it out here: It also lets you hide profanity if you turn on the option. Haha.

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The Evelyn Sachs Steiner Home for Girls expected to raise $50,000. Instead, it raised $300,000, with six simple emails....

Four weeks later, I helped Michell Modell ( raise $267,000 in two emails. How?

By adding a human touch. Let me back up and tell you how I did it for Brandon … I recently met Brandon Steiner—the founder and CEO of Steiner Sports Memorabilia and the chairman of the Evelyn Sachs Steiner Home for Girls.

Well, when I received a mass email from Brandon (attempting to raise funds for the Girl’s home), I called him right away. “Brandon, these emails aren’t effective. In fact, would you let me write your emails?”

Brandon was skeptical, but he agreed. In fact, he showed his VP of Marketing the email, and he said, "it won't work!" What happened? First email raised him $35,000 and six emails later, we raised $300,000.

I know a lot of you work for nonprofit organizations—or perhaps you sit on the board or volunteer. This is an EASY way to raise money fast... here is what you need:

1) A database of email addresses (doesn't have to be big!)
2) Someone from the organization with a name that is noticeable... we had Brandon Steiner, who many people know.
3) Create a story around your fundraising efforts. Humanize your fundraising efforts. Color the picture. When writing fundraising email, the following things are a must: The emails must come from a person and not an organization (e.g., Brandon Steiner and not the Evelyn Sachs Steiner Home for Girls).
4) Make sure the email only asks for one thing per email. If people are confused about the “call to action,” they won’t take action.

If you want to a sample of the emails I sent from Brandon.... let me know.

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Thanks for posting this Josh.....px
Here are some really cool tips for making Google+ even that much more easy and effective to use! I can quickly see how the Chrome browser will be a huge part of Google+ for developers and regular users alike as we get more used to the add ons G+ will get rolled out.

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This is a perfect example of how a government attempts to steel from the people. Based on a 1992 Supreme Court Ruling, a State cannot charge sales tax if a "company" is not located in that state. So if I lived in Maine, and I bought a computer from Apple over the Internet, and they did not have a store in Maine, I would not have to pay sales tax.

California is changing that law... and now any INTERNET sale will be charged sales tax. Amazon sent an announcement out to all their affiliates saying if this law is passed, they they will no longer pay affiliate fees.

Sign this petition, we don't want this to be the start of something country wide:
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