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At this moment - our sweet neighbors are mowing are yard! We have 1 acre that we mow; so this is a HUGE blessing! 
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That is so wonderful of them. The Lord is so good! When I was working 12 hours a day when needed for 6 days a week and 4 weeks straight. Someone would be cutting my grass out of the blue and sometime I never know who have been doing it. Normally, I worked 10 hours a day and 4 day a week but most of the time working over time (Friday and Saturday). I had work one Sunday out of those 10 years and 10 days. I was fired because I lost my temper against one lady who lied to my supervisor. That was a bad move for me to do that. Now, I don't have that job any more, but I am working odds and ends job as needed for someone else and on disability.
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