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I would very much like to share a circle of HILARIOUS people tomorrow for Follow Friday. But, I want it to be different than the "usual" suspects. If you have come across someone who happens to be particularly amusing with their posts or leaves funny comments or makes you laugh hysterically in Hangouts, please drop their name. Since I will be circling and sharing, I will go through their profile and check them out. If you see your name here and do NOT want to be shared, let me know and I can remove you from the circle. This doesn't need to be a huge circle share... go for quality over quantity please. ♥

Bring me some fun people, guys!
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Following several funny people, but I am pretty sure that you already have them. Will look forward to your hilarious circle share tomorrow - I can always use a good laugh, and adding funny people helps! =)
Will do +Angela McBain =)

+Acadia Einstein - You might want to watch for Angela's circle post, as you were just asking to add some funny people, and wanted a circle of them shared with you.
Elisa T
Acadia's followers are funny too... mainly while poking fun at his misfortunes. :D

~polishes her halo~
YES +Acadia Einstein were looking for some funny peeps, as well. I didn't see the rest of your post... did you find some good ones?
0_0 wow...I am finally a usual suspect!!
can you add some funny videos from you tube too?!
only good funny Pic shared from funny G+ peoples
Sure, +Raphael Ndem's ABSOLUTELY fine to give me a heads up. I can't see who adds me, so it's hard for me to return a circling. :-)
OK I haz a pile of peeps to add to this but I haz to run bbl K
+Angela McBain , I'm still trying to sort thru the HORs circle it made my stream nearly un readable for a week! To much info going by
well , thank you +Angela McBain , I used to watch "starking" a Korean program.. with "ENG sub", for the reason that they have unlimited funny stuff, yep and only find it on YouTube
Thanks +Elisa Tammela ... You rock. I nominate +Elisa Tammela she has a great sense of humor. Adding all the names on this thread. I have almost all of them already but grateful for any new funny people.
Vee haff vayz su make you lafff!!!
Ahh..I already peed my pants. My coffee was too large. I know what your saying it can never be too large but I beg to differ.
I nominate +joshua corbitt because he laughs at my attempt at humor! (I think he feels sorry for me!) ;-)
+Angela McBain - Ok, thought of a couple that might fit within your circle of funny people other than myself +S Heart and +Dennis Bullard.

There's a couple more, but I am having a brain fart and cannot recall their names off hand - will post back if I remember. =)
I am trying to weed out the usual suspects but I am not really sure who they might be unless I have a look and see how many followers they have. If they have quite a few.. I say to myself, "FUCK YOU! You are funny but you are too goddamn popular so I am leaving you out!" Is that the way to do it?
LOL +Dirk Talamasca no... you know what I mean... I want some fresh faces in here as well. Some people have oodles of circlers because they earned every damn one of them. Just throw them hilarious peeps at me! ;-)
+Angela McBain, I make it a strict policy to avoid humor in all comments. In particular dry humor, as it becomes very difficult to tell whether the person is serious or not.
Too bad George Takei doesn't post here, his Facebook stream is a thing of comic beauty.
+Angela McBain and +Lisa Bimmerz thank you for the heads up. I did ok yesterday but I am looking forward to your hoop tomorrow. Also, if I am not in it it is VOID!

swoops cape and leaves room dramatically
66 comments and nobody mentioned me....... Fine...... all of you can go suck-a-fart.

OK no not really.
This circle will be less than a hundred people. That is by far my largest share. I will go through every profile before adding them. After all... I am circling them as well.
why don't we combine +Marc Jobs's idea of a funny scale with the circle size. so you have a bigger "lol" circle, and a concentrated "omgrofl" circle.
+joshua corbitt I think I could manage to be in the lol circle but I declare I am not dedicated enough to humour for the more concentrated circle!
You mean a funny and, a not so funny circle?
I totally am going for the "meh" I need more "meh" in my life. All this laughter is overrated.
Is this what this is about? Nominees for a comedic circle?? +Angela McBain? Awwwww I'm honored +Rory Swan... I do have a few screws loose... or well a bunch but still... if that's what this is for, thanks mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Wrinkles. I try to keep my face emotionless.
Tired of being a Pall-bearer
+Dede Craig Thank-you for mentioning me. And everyone should get off Google+, go out & live your life! I'll be here when you all get back.
ROTFL!!!!! +Katie Ennis Girl I was CRACKIN THE HELL UP!! Pure hilarity to me! And then Kermit!?! Man I'll definitely be back! Just let me know when yall are hanging again and if I'm around, I'm there! You cool and good peeps in my book! :-)
I think it is funny that +Dirk Talamasca thinks I am funny. Then again, I might have actually said something funny in Buzz or G+ sometime in the last year or so... Hi Dirk! ;-)

And I have no idea why 90% of my followers added me. I must be in a circle somewhere... Must find it and destroy...
Jay Day
<----not funny.
Well, +Steve Pirk ... that just made me giggle hard! So, if I put you in a circle of silly are you going to destroy it? I'm not cleaning up any messes you make!
I'd nominate +Rory Swan for this. That dude doesn't get enough attention on G+ twitter or facebook.
You might also want to consider a berserker circle +Angela McBain. I tend to side with the 99% and love making big corporations look bad. I am the instigator after all, it says so on my business card ;-)

Methinks you are going to end up in quite a few circles on this end.

Damn you, +Dirk Talamasca... look what you started!
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