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Sean Savage
Sean Savage, E-6/TSgt, USAF (Ret.)
Sean Savage, E-6/TSgt, USAF (Ret.)
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MARK of the Beast Creeps Closer
The original Bible text says the MARK of the Beast will go "in" the right hand or forehead, not "on" them. News Video URL:

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Please add a friend of my family's (Bonnie Sizemore) to your daily prayers & requests. Thank you & God Bless!

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YouTube Comment/Reply:
+dianalee84 Diana, I've read all your comments and I understand your points, however; one of my standard rule when reviewing comments for approval which contains statistics is that the author MUST provide their static sources.
I don't deny that you have valid concerns but children already born only to be murdered later on by their mentally unstable/hateful parents is a whole separate/unrelated issue. Pro-Lifers are focused on saving the millions of unborn babies that this country and many in it want to slaughter because they refuse to accept responsibility, and they kill their child just because they are legally able. They refuse/ignore the facts that improved medical technology has provided and they murder their own child. How could, as you say, a person against abortion or anyone anyone else possible know and/or consistently foretell/prevent that a parent is about to murder their toddler? Your concern for the toddlers is legit and your worry about how many of them are killed each day shows a kind heart, and if solving that issue is what you'd like to see happen then I'd say jump right in and get something rolling if possible. But if you do the math just from 2003 abortion facts and divide it by 365 you should understand why we're focused on saving lives from abortion slaughter houses.
I can't be concerned about the illegal self-abortion statistics you stated for outside of the United States because their circumstances are much different than ours. We have money, medical resources, stable environment, jobs available for those who need/want work, better education, and addiction outside organizations that are able and offer support resources, all which poor countries don't have. So if abortion was made illegal here in the United States we wouldn't see a dramatic rise in self-abortions because we have few who are as poor and hopeless as those in poor and staving countries. We would hear about a death from an attempted self-abortion or see it on the evening news and have a shocked expression on our faces just the same as we do when we learn that a homicidal parent murdered their toddler... (…)
~Published June 17, 2003 -
"The following are some statistics about abortion in America:
** Of the 1.6 million abortions performed in the U.S. each year, 91 percent are performed during the first trimester (12 or fewer weeks' gestation); 9 percent are performed in the second trimester (24 or fewer weeks' gestation); and only about 100 are performed in the third trimester (more than 24 weeks' gestation), approximately .01 percent of all abortions performed.
** Approximately 1.5 million U.S. women with unwanted pregnancies choose abortion each year. Most are under 25 years old and unmarried. Women who are separated from their husbands and poor women are more likely to choose abortion than other women. More than two-thirds of the women who seek abortions have jobs. Nearly one-third are in school. More than two-thirds plan to have a child in the future.
** Approximately 6 million women in the U.S. become pregnant every year. About half of those pregnancies are unintended. Either the woman or her partner did not use contraception or the contraceptive method failed.
** Each year more than one million U.S. teenagers become pregnant — one in nine women aged 15-19 and one in five who are sexually active.
** In 1988, the teenage pregnancy rate was 113 per 1,000 women aged 15-19. The rate was 74 per 1,000 among those aged 15-17.
** 50 percent of teenage pregnancies conceived in 1987 resulted in a birth, 36 percent in an abortion, and an estimated 14 percent in miscarriage. ** The number of abortions for every 100 live births showed a gradual decline since 1980 (35.9) to 1992 (33.5). The number of legal abortions increased slightly from 1995 (at 1,210,883) to 1996 (at 1,221,585). This is an increase of 0.89 percent. Since the national population increased by about 0.92 percent from mid-1995 to mid-1996, the abortion per-capita rate has decreased slightly.
CDC figures for 1995 show that 20 percent of women having abortions are in their teens; 33 percent are ages 20 to 24, and 47 percent are ages 25 or older.
** Eighty percent of women having abortions are single; 60 percent are white; 35 percent are black.
** Eighty-two percent of the women having abortions are unmarried or separated.
** Almost half of American women (43 percent) will have an abortion sometime in their lifetime.
— Sources: Planned Parenthood, National Center for Health Statistics"
(Read Here:…/fast-facts-us-abortion-statistics.…)

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This YouTube video is good for those wanting or trying to understand why/how sin effects all mankind, separates us from God, and inherently (automatically) condemns each and every man/woman wether or not we personally believe we're basically good people and...

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In America Christianity is dying because of a silent war on our faith by people working our systems of Government. Outside America we clearly see a more physical war on God's people.

“If you were a Christian, you were shot on the spot. With each blast of the gun, I thought I was going to die.”

"That’s Collins Wetangula, a student in the dormitory when masked al-Shabaab militants descended upon dormitories at Garissa University College in Kenya asking students if they were Christian or Muslim."

Tolerance means in this day and time that you can't tolerate somebody and disagree with them at the same time. It's this definition of tolerance that's weakened the Church and suppressed the Word of God in America. Followers of Jesus Christ must not buy in to this definition of tolerance any longer.

Another issue I run in to frequently is this misunderstanding of the meaning of judging. Not knowing the difference between judging and telling a person what they need to hear has deadly consequences for lost souls who need Jesus but can't find Him. If I had a $1 for every time a Christian accused me of judging others Then I could fund my online ministry permanently.

So, what is judging? Judging is accusing a person of something, convicting them for that wrong doing, and then sentencing the person to be punished for that wrong doing.

Telling individuals they need Jesus because they're sinners is not judging. Telling them their sins separate them from our righteous Father and that their sins will condemn them to Hell unless they call on Christ to save them is also not judging. Confronting them about their sin problem is simply an effort to save them for Hell by telling them what they need to know and hear.

God has commanded that all unsaved sinners will go to Hell. Now that's a judgment. We're just telling them about it and telling them of the only way to avoid it is Jesus Christ. So, God's the Judge and we're His messengers.

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Franklin Graham's Warning to American Christians
Franklin Graham issued a warning about the coming “storm of Islam” during a recent appearance on the Christian Broadcast Network’s “700 Club,” claiming that President Barack Obama is “very sympathetic to Islam” and that his policies will lead to the persecu...

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YouTube Q&A - User Comment by Neal Rush
Comment by neal rush: "IIThessalonians 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: How can we judge ANYONE, (righteously or otherwise), when God Himself is deluding people????? And.....who is it that is bel...

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New Legislation Requiring Father's Consent Before Abortion
New Legislation Requiring Father's Consent Before Abortion: "Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin has introduced legislation that would require a woman to get notarized consent from the baby’s father before obtaining an abortion. The bill allows exemp...
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