Spectacularly Intense - Review of Stoker
When I first came across Stoker (2013) it looked like an interesting and out-of-the-ordinary movie. I made the mistake of suspecting that it would be a great horror movie - but as it turned out, Stoker is a thriller and an amazing one of that.

Stoker is different - very different - from any movie I've ever watched. I didn't quite get it at first but little by little the movie began to take a firm hold of me until it had me completely glued to the screen. I don't think movie had changed from how it was in the beginning, but I had changed and I felt every ounce of quiet intensity in a very real way. 

Mia Wasikowska was phenomenal as the main character. She gave her character all the right kinds of oddness that intrigued and captivated me - as well as made me wonder. Surely the right fit for the role.

It is not easy to describe Stoker and I am sure a fair amount of people who watch it will hate it. I however loved it and I'm sure Stoker will be one of the rare movies I rewatch a short time after the first viewing. It is a quietly intense, beautifully shot, marvelously intriguing thriller which I very highly can recommend.

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