Thrilling and Captivating - Review of La cara oculta
I found the Spanish thriller La cara oculta (The Hidden Face)(2011) because of Martina García whose performance in the the newest episode of Homeland caught my attention and made me look up what else she had been in. I'm very glad I did so because as it turned out I had stumbled upon something great.

At first La cara oculta just seemed like a good solid movie but little by little it got to me. It got under my skin and I was glued to screen for most of the movie. I was interested, intrigued, and utterly captivated by it. I have a difficult time explaining what exactly it is about La cara oculta that makes it so unique - but trust me, this is a great and different thriller.

La cara oculta went far beyond what I had dared to hope for. It was actually so great that the moment it ended I literally yelled out "FUCK" in utter awe of much the movie had affected me.

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